HTC Evo 3D first look video, no glasses required

Sprint’s EVO 3D built by HTC arrives in stores next week, but we have an early look at that Android 2.3.3 smartphone. While it’s similar to the Sensation 4G, a few features standout: glasses-free 3-D video and still images and support for Sprint’s WiMAX network.

Motorola and Sprint team up for Android Photon 4G

Motorola and Sprint, both in the midst of fighting bigger competition, have banded together with the Photon 4G, a new Android flagship device that supports international service. The Photon 4G provides a big punch for Sprint and Motorola and strengthens the relationship between the two.

Executive Shake-Up at Clearwire Prompts More Questions

When does this story get better? Clearwire, the early 4G WiMAX pioneer announced its CEO Bill Morrow is stepping down for personal reasons, part of a larger executive shake-up. This follows not long after the December departure of company founder and chairman Craig McCaw.

San Francisco’s Wait for WiMAX May Soon Be Over

Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network is preparing to go primetime in San Francisco where consumers and mobile developers will be able to see first hand what this speed makes possible. It’s in testing in various neighborhoods in San Francisco and should be up in the coming months.

Intel's WiMAX Office Closure Could Open Doors for TD-LTE

Intel is reportedly closing its WiMAX Program Office in Taiwan, causing concerns about adoption of the wireless technology. WiMAX may not be dead to the region, but if it is, there’s a plan B for telecom providers: TD-LTE. Unfortunately for Intel, TD-LTE won’t sell WiMAX chips.

Intel's Losing Big Money on WiMAX

Two WiMAX networks backed by Intel have failed, delivering a blow to the WiMAX standard and to Intel’s venture capital arm. The chipmaker has invested billions in encouraging the spread of WiMAX, which is on the wane as WiMAX operators choose a variation of LTE instead.

Is Clearwire Prepping for a Spectrum Sale?

Clearwire, the WiMAX operator that owns gobs of wireless spectrum across the country, might put some of its airwaves on the market according to analyst. If it sold any at the valuation it seeks, it could reshape the wireless landscape as well as its own value.

More 4G in More Places, Says Clearwire

Clearwire today said it would continue to expand its WiMAX 4G network to 15 cities ahead of its financial results call this afternoon. Adding cities that include Tampa, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn. will help Clearwire reach its goal of covering 120 million people by year end.

An Analyst Asks If WiMax Is Toast?

WiMax has made a name for itself in developing countries, where consumers don’t have a landline alternative, but in the U.S., Terry Norman,…

Report: WiMax To Generate $15 Billion By 2014

Revenues from WiMAX 802.16e broadband subscribers will exceed $15 billion globally by 2014, according to a release by Juniper Research. The…

Nokia Ends Production Of Only WiMax Device

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) said today it is no longer producing its only WiMax device — the N810 edition handheld tablet — striking another blow fo…

VCs Put $20 Million into Rural WiMAX

DigitalBridge Communications, a provider of WiMAX-based broadband-to-rural communities, announced a $20 million Series B round of financing Monday, showing that some investors…

Google's Grand Mobile Ambitions

[qi:022] The Wall Street Journal’s report about Google’s big mobile plans is one that covers all bases, and leaves you where you…