Verizon helps data optimizer Skyfire raise $8M round

Skyfire, the mobile browser maker now working with carriers to tame mobile data, just raised a $8 million Series C round with participation from Verizon Ventures. The funding helps Skyfire expand its Rocket Optimizer product and launch a new browser portal for carriers.

Top 5 Free Android Widgets

One of the best design choices Google made for Android is to allow widgets on the home screen. The Android Market is full of widgets, and these are the top 5 free ones I’ve encountered. Note that widgets appear often so this only reflects current ones.

This Week on GigaOM Pro

This week on GigaOM Pro, we got an exclusive look at the financials for a mainstream network–backed web series, explored two high-tech aspects of the holiday shopping season, suggested a few reasons cloud computing could boost IT spending, and more.

Beginning Mac: Dashboard

When the Mac operating system OS X 10.4 (aka “Tiger”) was first announced, there were two things that I instantly fell in…

Weekly Widget: MadLibs

I remember in Jr. High and High School wasting hours of class time doing madlibs with my classmates. I’m quite positive I…

Apple Store Status Widget

Apple Store Status View Pingdom’s Apple Store Status. The guys at Pingdom have a released a fun new widget that you can…

Yet another VoIP provider

aka VoIP.Net. Its dot.coms all over again. If you have the URL, you can start a company. Residential plans start at $12.95/month…