White Spaces

A database to help the military share its airwaves

The spectrum shortage, backed by scary stats from Cisco, is the rationale for a $39-billion merger the Justice Department is currently fighting. The running narrative is we want to use a ton of data but our airwaves can’t handle it. But what if we shared?

FCC set to trial first database for Super Wi-Fi

Call it what you want, but Super Wi-Fi or white spaces broadband just got a big win today when the FCC approved the first trial using the radio and database needed to deliver the broadband service. the test brings us one step closer to better broadband.

White spaces standards are here. Next up: devices!

Another hurdle was removed today for “Wi-Fi on steroids,” as the IEEE published a wireless standard that could bring high-speed broadband to rural areas. The so-called white-space networks use unlicensed spectrum freed up from old television channels and could send fast wireless signals across 100 kilometers.

E-books and White Spaces on the Rise in Q3

Amid other announcements, two specific areas of the connected consumer industry had especially significant developments in the third quarter: e-books and TV-band white spaces. And as we discuss in a new report at GigaOM Pro, developments in these areas could have tremendous effect on the industry.

Get Ready to Innovate! FCC Approves White Spaces Rules

The Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved new rules for the unlicensed use white spaces, the empty or under utilized TV spectrum that many are hoping could lead to a new form of super Wi-Fi. The release of such spectrum could make White Spaces bigger than Wi-Fi.

All You Need to Know About White Spaces Broadband

The FCC is poised to release the first batch of unlicensed wireless spectrum in 25 years, called white spaces, tomorrow, which could lead to “Wi-Fi on Steroids,” giving consumers, device makers, entrepreneurs and service providers more connectivity over wider areas. Here’s what you need to know.

God & Country Line Up to Stop White Spaces

A week before the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on a proposal to turn over spectrum between the digital television channels for a wireless broadband service, singer/songwriter Dolly Parton has come out against the plan.