Where to watch

Where to watch the 2012 presidential election live online

Watching the results in real time has never been easier than during this year’s presidential election: Numerous TV networks and news sites are live streaming on the web, on the iPad and on Xboxes and connected devices. Check out our ultimate guide for all the links.

Where to watch the U.N. Climate Change Conference live online

The UN Climate Change Conference in Durban started this week, with participating nations hoping to bring everyone together for another Kyoto-like protocol and finally slow down the emission of green house gases. Want to follow it closely? Much of the proceedings is streamed live online.

Where to watch Facebook’s f8 conference live online

Facebook us about to unveil some major updates that will include a tighter integration with music services like Spotify and Turntable.fm. The company will unveil these new features at its f8 developer conference in San Francisco this Thrsday. Here’s how to tune in live online.

Where to watch the Tour de France 2011 online

Cycling fans have some exciting weeks ahead of them, with the Tour de France starting this weekend. Most of the races will happen during work hours in the U.S., but NBC is selling an all-access pass to watch the entire tour online and on your iPad.

Where to Watch Google I/O 2011 Online

Google I/O sold out in just 59 minutes, meaning only the most rabid fans and developers will be in attendance this year. But for those who can’t make it, Google will be supplying a live stream as well as archived videos of sessions that aren’t streamed.

Where to Watch the Oscars Online and on iOS Devices

The ceremony for the 83rd annual Academy Awards is only officially being broadcast on ABC, but online there are plenty of options for getting a taste of the fun, including live-streamed red carpet coverage and premium apps for iOS devices that take you backstage.

Where to Watch New York Fashion Week 2011 Online

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is starting this week, and Internet users are once again invited to follow the event with front row seating, thanks to multiple live streams. You’ll even be able to chat with Victoria’s Secret models and designer Tommy Hilfiger himself.

Where to Watch the Davos World Economic Forum Online

Want to listen to conversations with Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro and Bono, live from the World Economic Forum in Davos? Then prepare to get up early – live streams are starting tonight at midnight Pacific, and will continue until the end of he meeting on Sunday.

Where to Watch the 2011 State of the Union Address

This year’s broadcast of President Obama’s third State of the Union kicks off officially tonight at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT, and online plans for it have evolved dramatically from last year’s coverage, with enhanced viewing options offering heightened insight into the action on screen.

Where to Watch the 2011 Oscar Nominations Online

Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM ET/5:30 AM PT, the Academy Awards will be announcing its nominees for the 83rd annual round of Oscars. But if you can’t use your TV to watch the names get read, don’t worry — there are a number of online options.

Where to Watch the Golden Globe Awards Online

Want to catch a glimpse at what Hollywood’s stars are wearing this award season? Then tune in for the Golden Globes red carpet spectacle, which will once again be streamed live online. Live streams are also available via dedicated apps for the iPad and iPhone.

Where to Watch NASA’s Astrobiology Announcement

At 2:00 p.m. EST/11:00 a.m. PST, NASA is announcing “an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life,” and if you want to watch, all you have to do is hit NASA.gov (and update your Windows Media Player).

Where to Watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Rally Live Online

This is what democracy looks like: Countless fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will come to the National Mall in Washington D.C. this Saturday to demonstrate for sanity and fear, respectively. Can’t be amongst them? Don’t worry, the entire spectacle will be streamed live online.

Where to Watch the World Series Online

Hey Cablevision subscribers! Don’t want to miss the World Series while your cable provider battles it out with Fox over retransmission fees? Have no fear, because you can catch the games online, and — if you have an iPhone or iPad — on your mobile device as well.

Where to Watch Conan O’Brien 24 Hours Live

Conan O’Brien is returning to the airwaves on November 8. Can’t wait? Then how about a 24 hour video marathon, streamed live from the Team CoCo headquarters? The stream is starting at 10 a.m. Pacific today, and it’s brought to you by YouTube and Conan’s stairwell.

Where to Watch New York Fashion Week Online

Today is the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, and an unprecedented number of runway shows as well as interviews with designers are streamed live online. Want to catch a glimpse at what’s coming in spring 2011? Then check out our guide.

Where to Watch Apple’s September Press Event Live

For the first time, an Apple press event will be live-streamed to the public. Starting at 10 a.m. PT tomorrow, Apple.com will host a stream of the rumored and expected announcements of a new iPod Touch, iTunes rentals, and an overhaul of the Apple TV.

Where to Watch the US Open 2010 Grand Slam Online

The US Open are about to start, and this year, tennis fans will be able to enjoy the tournament through live streams from every session. Video will be streamed in HD, and tennis fans will be able to follow the action from all five courts.

Where to Watch The 2010 San Diego Comic-Con Online

Sorry to break it to you, home-bound nerds, but there’s no official live stream for events at the San Diego Comic-Con. However, there are no shortage of intrepid websites that will be pushing out video after video from the convention this weekend.

Where to Watch Wimbledon 2010 Online

Wimbledon 2010 kicked off this morning, and if you’re a tennis fan, there is no doubt that you’ll want to watch the tournament live. However, the matches take place during work hours — luckily, there are once again ways to watch all the fun online.

Where to Watch the World Cup Online and on Your Phone

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is starting in a few days, and soccer will b able to watch the entire tournament online and on their mobile phones, thanks to live streams from ESPN and Univision. However, not every live video stream will be available to everyone.

Where to Watch Google I/O Online

This week’s Google i/O developer conference has been sold out since early March, but the keynotes will be available to everyone through a live stream hosted on YouTube. Expect Google to open source VP8, announce its Google TV platform, dance tango with Intel and more.