Werner Vogels

Lessons learned from Structure 2014

The week in cloud: Structure 2014 was abuzz about the impact of NSA spy-gate on cloud adoption; if there’s enough business to sustain umpteen-different providers; and whether security concerns will strangle the IoT in its infancy.

Top 5 questions for the titans of cloud

If you had Amazon’s Werner Vogels, Google’s Urs Hölzle, IBM/SoftLayer’s Lance Crosby, Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, Rackspace’s Taylor Rhodes in one room, what would you ask?

Wanted: An Amazon “enterprise challenge”

Amazon’s cloud services are a huge hit among startups with thin IT budgets. But Amazon wants be a for-real platform for important enterprise-class applications as well. Should it launch an enterprise challenge?

7 things we learned at Structure Europe

Facebook’s breaking up with hardware OEMs, Europeans distrust the cloud and it’s anyone’s guess whether there will be an Amazon of Europe. Those were among the key takeaways from the first-ever Structure Europe event in Amsterdam last week.

Europe: Lots of cloud opportunity to tap

European cloud adoption has happened slower than in the U.S., but there are signs that it’s about to rapidly accelerate. At Structure:Europe, cloud luminaries will talk about how they see this change unfolding and what’s motivating it. Hint: It’s not just about saving money.

Amazon’s Werner Vogels on next 5 years of cloud

It’s been five years since Amazon CTO Werner Vogels first sat on the GigaOM Structure stage with Om. Instead of looking back, in their short chat they looked ahead at where the cloud industry and the major players would find themselves in the next five years.

Eucalyptus updates cloud platform in open source mold

Eucalyptus, the company that wants to link private clouds to the Amazon cloud, is updating its platform software bringing it more in line with the open source model. All Eucalyptus 3.1 code will be available on Github. Subscribers will get plug-ins and other perks.

Is Amazon the Hotel California of Web services?

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels to IT customers: “If we’re not delivering the right services you should walk away.” While one would disagree with that, many question exactly how easy it will be for customers to walk away if they use high-end Amazon services.

Amazon queues up new workflow service

Amazon says its new Simple Workflow Service (SWS) will run applications that are distributed between customer sites and Amazon cloud infrastructure, thus further blurring the line between the customer’s own data center and their chosen cloud.

Amazon launches home-grown NoSQL database

Amazon Web Services is adding a home-grown NoSQL database to its roster of cloud computing offerings. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels calls DynamoDB a “fully managed” NoSQL implementation the company built over the years and and tested by customers for a few months.

Meet Cloud Computing’s Brightest Minds at Structure 2011

At Structure 2011, hear from top executives from leading companies and the most innovative minds building the next-generation of the cloud. Find out where cloud services are headed and how they’ll affect everything from application development to data center design.