How one startup wants to inject Hadoop into your SQL

Drawn to Scale’s Spire database is meant to be all things to all people — it combines Hadoop, HBase and SQL to provide a fast, scalable, robust experience — and now it has integrated with MapR’s Hadoop distribution. It’s no surprise the young company already claims big customers.

Citigroup’s massive scalability challenges, by the numbers

The concept of webscale computing gets a lot of attention thanks to the impressive scope of operations at companies like Google and Facebook, but one could argue there’s an even more-impressive tier of IT infrastructure: bank-scale. Here’s what scalbility means at Citigroup.

Drawn to Scale raises money to make SQL big-data-ready

Drawn to Scale, a two-year-old startup focused on making SQL ready for the world of big data by combining it with Hadoop, has raised an initial funding round of $925,000. Its product, Spire, utilizes Hadoop to increase scalability and reduce latency across large data sets.

Cloudscaling wants to make OpenStack webscale

Cloud computing consultancy Cloudscaling is realigning its business around the open-source OpenStack framework, and it has a message for the world: If you want to use open-source software but operate like Amazon Web Services, we’re your man.

The data center gets its first 100 Gbps optical chip

Luxtera has developed an optical chip for the data center market that can achieve speeds of more than 100 gigabits per second. That’s the same speed delivered by long-haul networks under the sea, but now harnessed to move big data and deliver cloud computing.

ARM CTO: We’re changing server economics

Today there are two primary players making the brains inside servers. But that’s about to change if ARM adding 64-bit processing to it’s cores has the impact the chip IP licensing firm is hoping for. It usher in more innovation, and chips that cost less.

Mobile networks are learning how to be webscale

NSN today laid out a new architecture for mobile networks that brings concepts such automation and elasticity from webscale and cloud computing to mobile broadband as network engineers at carriers face the challenge of scaling their infrastructure to serve billions of endpoints.

Once Again, See How Twitter Scales

A day after Twitter experienced its “CNN moment,” John Adams , the messaging service’s operations engineer, posted a nice slide show on how the company has scaled and the tools it uses. Entitled, “Talk Cloudy to Me” the slide show reviews old insights and offers new ones.

Bringing Facebook’s Open Compute Project Down to Earth

Facebook’s Open Compute Project has been characterized as revolutionary, a giant push that will propel server design into the future now, but what if it isn’t actually all that meaningful? What if it’s just a cool, but niche project that won’t catch on outside Facebook?

How Caffeine Is Giving Google a Turbo Boost

Google revamped its search indexing methodology this week, which was quickly eclipsed by the chatter about background images on its home page. But those images were a red herring distracting us from technology changes that could influence those delivering the real-time web for years to come.