Open audio codec Opus gets real, gains VLC support

The popular media player application VLC just added support for Opus, the new open audio codec co-developed by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and others. Meanwhile, there has been more speculation on how music platforms like Spotify could benefit from switching to Opus.

Can you hear me now? You bet I can, and in HD

With iPhone 5, Apple might just have launched a mad dash towards high-definition voice and what that means is when some calls, we can actually enjoy the conversation. Skype, Google and others have similar ideas. Does that mean return of voice. God, I hope so!

Microsoft commits to WebRTC – just not Google’s version

Microsoft has put its weight behind WebRTC, a plugin-free technology for voice and video communications in the browser. However, it proposed a different approach than the one currently favored by other browser vendors, and warned against implementing the technology before there’s a common standard.