WebM is a video codec originally developed by On2, a company that was bought by Google in February 2010. Google open sourced…

Samsung, LG & Cisco Throw Their Support Behind WebM

Google’s open video format WebM has some new backers, with companies like Cisco, LG and Samsung joining a cross-licensing initiative to insure themselves against patent-related litigation. However, the need for such an initiative also shows how serious Google has to take any threats of patent lawsuits.

Patent Fight Ahead: MPEG LA Is Gunning for WebM

Licensing outlet MPEG LA has announced that it is forming a patent pool for VP8, the codec at the core of Google’s open source video format WebM. Google’s response? Bring it on. It’s time to “put up or shut up,” as one WebM supporter put it.

Why WebM Will Raise Costs for YouTube — And Everyone Else

There are many strategic reasons why Google might have dropped support for H.264, but lowering costs for YouTube isn’t one of them. The decision will only add cost and complexity for the video site, which now just has yet another video format to support.

80% of YouTube Videos Now Available In WebM

Most of the videos that are watched every day on YouTube are now available in Google’s WebM open source video format, according to WebM’s product manager, WebM also has seen an increased adoption in the hardware space, with first devices coming out early next year,

Ogg Theora Founder Launches Digital Media Show

Christopher “Monty” Montgomery, better know as the lead developer of the open video format Ogg Theora, released a video that dubs itself a digital media primer for geeks today. The video is going to kick-start a monthly series that aims to make technical subjects understandable.

WebM Is Coming to Live Streaming

This week’s GUADEC conference in The Hague is the first event ever to be live streamed in the new open source WebM video codec. The livestream is hosted by Flumotion, and the company’s CTO Thomas Vander Stichele believes that WebM could become mainstream soon.

Winamp Adds WebM Support

WebM, Google’s new royalty-free, open source video codec, launched with a formidable list of partners — but support for the format continues to grow as new partners come on board. The latest to join is Winamp, which added support for WebM in its latest media player.

FFmpeg Goes WebM, Enabling VP8 for Boxee & Co.

FFmpeg released a new version 0.6 with support for Google’s open source WebM video codec this week. FFmpeg is a suite of tools and libraries that is an important backbone of many well-known video players, transcoding applications and even TV platforms like Boxee, VLC and MPlayer.

Google Adding WebM Support to Chrome

Google first introduced its WebM Project a few weeks ago at its I/O developers conference, launching the royalty free, open source video format with support from Firefox and Opera web browsers. But notably missing from the list of supporting applications was Google’s own Chrome browser.

Intel Could Add WebM Hardware Acceleration

Intel (s INTC) could add Google’s (s GOOG) WebM to the list of video formats that have hardware acceleration built into its processors for consumer electronics devices. But that support won’t come in time for the first generation of Google TV products to leverage it.