No IDC, wearables won’t limit tablet sales growth

Everyone seems to think that successful wearables will replicate functionality on existing devices. I don’t, at least not for a truly innovative smartwatch or wearable display. That’s why IDC’s latest thought on wearables hurting tablet growth makes no sense to me.

Why you won’t mind recharging your next bifocals

Having got my first pair of progressive bifocals recently, I can’t help but want these smart glasses from PixelOptix. The lenses are embedded with liquid crystals which can create an “electronic reading zone” either automatically, thanks to an integrated accelerometer, or through manual activation.

WIMM One puts Android on your wrist

Google’s Android platform already powers phones and tablets, and now it runs on a wrist too: WIMM Labs started shipping its WIMM One wearable computer to developers for $299 on Wednesday. The color display works smartphones but thanks to apps, can be a standalone device too.

Video: inPulse thinks it’s time for wearable displays

The market for smart watches and wearable displays is growing based on the number of companies trying to crack this space. The latest product to cross my desk is the inPulse smartwatch; here’s a video look at this $149 connected timepiece that pairs with a smartphone.

What the Smart Watch of the Future Taught Me

There are many visions of what a smart watch ought to do, but the more functionality added, the more complex and disruptive the technology can be. That lesson becomes more evident each day I wear the MetaWatch prototype, which is saving me time every day.