What’s up with Watson?

Updated: The week in cloud: Questions pop up about how well Watson’s doing; Greenqloud launches a hybrid cloud and more.

Wanted: More jobs for Watson

IBM’s always on the look out for new challenges for Watson to tackle. Two dozen teams of USC students recently had 48 hours to create their own business plans for the technology.

The next big UI challenge is making big data human

IBM’s Jeopardy-playing supercomputer Watson is now getting a gig in the retail banking sector as part of an IBM partnership with Citi. The many careers of Watson illustrate a very big technological and business opportunity — the rendering of big data into human scale.

Could IBM’s Watson be your next personal shopping assistant?

IBM is showing off how its artificial intelligence system Watson can help retailers get smarter in dealing with consumers. IBM believes that Watson could be positioned as a phone customer service line, in-store kiosk or as a resource available through tablet-wielding store clerks.

Apixio Is Bringing Big Data to Medical Records in the Cloud

Startup medical search company Apixio is trying to save lives by bringing machine-learning and natural-language-processing techniques to medical records, giving doctors a patient’s entire relevant medical history via a simple cloud-based search engine. The goal is to make information-sharing among medical providers far more intelligent.