Warren Buffett

Why Warren Buffett is buying newspapers

The Oracle of Omaha acquired his hometown newspaper in January and just snapped up dozens more in a $142 million deal. This is supposed to be the fastest declining industry in America. What is Warren Buffett up to?

Yahoo CEO apologizes — for being a distraction

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson apologized to his staff but has yet to explain how he wound up being credited for a degree he didn’t get. Meanwhile Third Point’s Daniel Loeb turns up the heat in a proxy battle that may claim a CEO.

Why Warren Buffett is wrong about newspaper paywalls

Being a billionaire means Warren Buffett’s views on all kinds of things get a lot of attention — but his comments about the benefits of newspaper paywalls suggest the octagenarian investor misunderstands what the business of content looks like in our digital and hyper-connected age.

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Meet the Climate Killers: Tim Dickinson argues 17 “polluters and deniers” are derailing efforts to curb climate change. Investor Warren Buffett tops…