Skype is killing long distance, one minute at a time

Skype is killing long-distance phone calls, minutes at a time. In fact, the growing popularity of the service has seen it steal minutes away from the phone companies. And for consumers that is good news. What’s more, the idea of free voice is only gaining traction.

Galaxy Nexus + data plan + VoIP support = free calls!

My Galaxy Nexus smartphone is now capable of receiving free voice calls and making low-cost outbound calls on a data-only mobile broadband plan. How can you send and receive calls on a smartphone without a voice plan? Android’s native SIP integration is a big help.

What utilities tell us about work and mobile broadband

Utilities will spend $3.2 billion this year in telecommunications services, but only a third is related to smart meters. A growing proportion will pay for mobile broadband for workers as part of a wider shift to thinking mobile broadband access is essential for productivity.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bill Shock Rules. (Or Do We?)

A review of 78,633 cellular accounts has one analytics firm suggesting the U.S. doesn’t need “bill shock” legislation as 99.5 percent of consumers aren’t impacted. The math is correct, but misses the point that bill shocks happen after the fact: proactive notifications are a good thing.

Stat Shot: Competitive or Not, Mobile Prices Decline

Wireless Intelligence took a look at how competition has fared among the wireless industry worldwide and found that markets with a large number of mobile operators saw price declines commensurate with markets that had a more concentrated number of wireless carriers.

Free International Calls — There’s an Android App for That

Looking to make free international calls? Rebtel can help with that thanks to a new application that works between two Android devices in 50 countries. Callers are charged for voice minutes on their cell plan, but for unlimited voice customers, Rebtel’s service won’t cost a dime.

The Fall and Rise of Voice

As a growth strategy for the telecom industry, focusing investment on mobility and data services while withdrawing it from wireline voice is doomed to fail. People still depend on voice for the vast majority of their communication needs.

What Startups Did Google Just Declare Open Season on?

Google’s array of search product announcements today were impressive, but not unheard of. Imagine how many startup CEOs are at this very moment drafting blog posts welcoming the monolith to their territory and spinning competition from Mountain View as a good thing.

App Review: Quick Voice Pro — Voice to Text Email for iPhone

[appreview] title=Quick Voice Pro image=http://gigapple.wordpress.com/files/2009/05/appicon_quick_voice_pro2.png price=$0.99 url=http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=285877935&mt=8 rating=bronze [/appreview] By converting your voice messages into text e-mails, Quick Voice Pro could be…

Speech to Text, the Next Step

Windows has developed what they feel is the next generation of computing, the tablet PC. We’ve seen Bill Gates strongly advocate the…