Voice recognition

Want to speak Chinese without learning it? Here’s how

New “deep neural networks” technology out of Microsoft and the University of Toronto claims to not only translate your English into Mandarin but to speak it in your voice. Microsoft head researcher Richard Rashid demonstrated the technology in China recently.

The connected car: How to design compelling apps without causing accidents

People are addicted to their mobile phones and tablets. But what happens when they want to go truly mobile in an automobile? Robert Acker, general manager of Aha by Harman, argues that the challenge is to deliver the mobile apps and services that consumers want in a way that makes safety the top priority.

Nuance’s Dragon ID lets you unlock your phone by voice

In the last few months, Nuance Communications has launched Dragon TV, Dragon Drive and even an Android version of Dragon Go. Now we have a new Dragon to contend with: Dragon ID, a voice identification application that allows you to unlock your phone with your larynx.

At AT&T Labs, universal translators and wearable keys

Perhaps not surprising for a telephone operator, AT&T has some cool stuff in the works around speech. The company showed off some of its newest stuff out its AT&T Labs Thursday and some of the biggest news was around the work being done in voice-related technologies.

Nuance buys Vlingo, builds a voice technology giant

Nuance and voice recognition rival Vlingo have put away their knives and are now set to become one company with the announcement today that Nuance was buying its competitor. The two companies are set to take on the exploding opportunity in providing natural language interfaces.

Wow: SoundHound powering 4M voice searches a day

Buzz around voice recognition technology is louder than ever, thanks to the debut earlier this month Apple’s iPhone 4S with Siri. But Apple isn’t alone in the space. Voice recognition startup SoundHound says it has seen impressive user growth over the past year.

Dragon Go app gets smart with voice search

Nuance’s new Dragon Go app dives deeper into voice activated searches by pulling up websites and apps that complete a user’s query. It’s part of the natural evolution of voice technology, which is making the move from just recognizing a user’s words to completing actions.

Nuance Brags Amid Talk of Apple Deal

Nuance announced Wednesday that it has already signed on 2,500 devs to its Mobile Developer Program in its first 90 days. Dozens of voice-enabled apps have already been created through the program. Nuance announced this milestone amid rumors of ongoing strategic partnership talks with Apple.

Nuance Releases Mobile SDK To Speechify Apps

Nuance is making a big play to be the main speech technology behind mobile apps. The company has launched the Nuance Mobile Developer Program that gives iOS and Android developers access to the Nuance Mobile SDK to integrate the Dragon Mobile speech platform into their apps.

Google Translate Is Where Speech Meets the Cloud

Google announced today that it is releasing an alpha version of its Google Translate conversations mode, a promising technology that allows two people to speak in different languages into a phone and have their words translated in near real time.

Google Voice Search Brings Personalized Cloud Conversations

Google is working to improve its Android Voice Search product by adding a new personalized recognition option, which should improve voice transcription over time. But more importantly, it also provides a glimpse at how how we’ll end up interacting with increasingly personal cloud services.

How to Get the Most of Voice Input on Android

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) may be coming with new capabilities, but Froyo (Android 2.2) already has a feature that’s under-utilized by most users. Google has included sophisticated voice input technology in Froyo that can turn handling an Android phone into a largely hands-free experience

Microsoft Claims its Place in a Voice-Enabled World [Video]

Ilya Bukshteyn, senior director of marketing for Microsoft’s speech business, explains how voice control is an integral part of the interfaces for both Xbox Kinect and Windows Phone 7 and how it will increasingly be a consistent experience across many of Microsoft’s products.

Look Ma, I’m Texting With No Hands!

AdelaVoice, a startup founded in January of this year, has just launched a compelling Android application called StartTalking that addresses the texting while driving issue. The software creates outgoing and reads incoming texts solely through voice commands, without needing to touch or look at your smartphone.

Vlingo Adds Voice Check-ins to Foursquare

Vlingo today added voice support to Foursquare on Android handsets, allowing Foursquare users to check in, find friends and send shouts through speech-to-text. Vlingo users can also update their social status in both Facebook and Twitter by using the Vlingo widget and speaking their update.

Vlingo Introduces Text-reading Function for Drivers

Vlingo this morning introduced a feature that reads messages for drivers, eliminating the need to take their hands off the wheel. It’s the latest interesting offering from the startup, which is effectively competing in the speech-recognition space against giants like Google, Microsoft and Nuance.

Could Yap Be The Next Big Speech Recognition Player?

Microsoft today said it has tapped Yap to power its voice-to-text application for BlackBerry users on Sprint’s network. The move is something of a coming-out for the North Carolina startup, which has joined a crowded field of speech recognition software vendors.

Nuance Killing SpinVox's D2C Service

Nuance is pulling the plug on SpinVox’s consumer service, which transcribes voice to text for UK users. The move is a logical one given Nuance’s strategy of selling the offering to corporate customers, but SpinVox’s users have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

AT&T Backs Vlingo as Nuance Lawsuit Looms

AT&T has taken a minority stake in Vlingo in a move that could have major repercussions for Nuance’s (s nuan) patent infringement…