Vizio CTO: Tablets will kill small-screen TVs

Thought iPads and Android tablets were bad for netbooks? Wait until they replace TV sets. Vizio CTO Matt McRae believes that consumers are beginning to choose tablets over small TVs. Luckily, his company is making both – and a new set-top-box that further blurs the line.

Smart TVs cause a net neutrality debate in S. Korea

Korea Telecom in South Korea has taken an interesting twist on network neutrality, and is blocking Samsung’s Smart TVs from access the Internet, according to a large S. Korean daily. That’s right, net neutrality isn’t just for applications like Netflix anymore.

Where were all the Google TVs at CES?

A week ago, it seemed like Google TV was back on track after announcing new partners. But if Google finally is gaining the trust and support of the consumer electronics industry, there was little evidence of it at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Yahoo Connected TV: Old and busted, or the new hotness?

Yahoo TV is one of the oldest connected TV platforms still around, but it continues to innovate. Its broadcast interactivity feature offers new ways for broadcasters and advertisers to reach consumers. But with some of its OEMs looking at other platforms, can it fulfill its promise?

Another Reason Android Tablets Will Be Huge: TV

Thought Andoid tablets can’t be cool? Vizio begs to differ: The company just introduced an iPad competitor that doubles as a fancy multitouch remote control for any Vizio TV ever sold, plus millions of other CE devices. Features like these could help Android tablets to succeed.

Vizio’s Consumer Trifecta: TVs, Tablets & Smartphones

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show, we’re likely to see dozens of new tablets and smartphones from the usual suspects — and at least one surprise entrant. Vizio will show off a new 4-inch smartphone and 8-inch tablet, both of which are built around Google Android.

Can Vizio Save Google TV?

Vizio could give Google TV a lifeline, with a new line of HD televisions that run the operating system combining live TV with Internet apps. But will Vizio’s market heft and integration with new mobile devices be enough to save the Google TV platform?

Watch Out, Netflix: Vizio, OnLive Might Stream as Well

Netflix has grown pretty substantially since launching its subscription streaming service. But pretty soon, it might not be the only game in town; companies like OnLive and Vizio are in negotiations with content owners to launch their own streaming services like the one Netflix has.