Virtualization on Mobilize 2011: top themes and trends

Earlier this week, we held our two-day Mobilize 2011 event, which was jam packed with interviews, discussion panels and fireside chats all revolving around the mobile industry. This morning, Rob Woodbridge hosted me on a video summary of Mobilize, which distills the event’s high level themes.

Zerto raises $15M to keep clouds running

Zerto, an Israel-based startup focused on providing disaster recovery for virtualized and cloud resources, has closed a $15 million Series B funding round from U.S. Venture Partners, Battery Ventures and Greylock Partners. The company launched in June and has now raised $21 million overall.

Zerto helps when real problems hit your virtual servers

Much like Apple’s elegant Time Machine software helps make backing up your MacBook effortless, Zerto wants to make disaster recovery in the cloud as simple. The Structure 2011 LaunchPad company wants to become the disaster recovery solution for companies that rely on the cloud.

Update: AWS Adding Export to VM Import

I reported earlier this week on Amazon’s new VM Import service, which some have described as a Hotel California for VMware images. Today, I received word from Amazon Web Services that it’s planning to address this issue, to a degree, as the offering evolves.

Dec. 21: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Everybody’s misguided sometimes, and that includes computer scientists and software vendors. Today brings news that Akamai lost its patent-infringement appeal against Limelight, Microsoft’s absent hybrid cloud strategy might be affecting Hyper-V adoption and everyone might be wrong that having the fastest supercomputer is so important.

Solving the Virtualization and Cloud Management Puzzle

Cloud computing hopes to deliver convenient, on-demand access to shared pools of computing resources that can be provisioned with minimal effort. But since the virtualized environment becomes even more dynamic, complex and real-time in the cloud, the benefits of IT analytics become even more dramatic.

Understanding the Virtualization and Cloud Management Puzzle

Since virtualization has created a dynamic management environment that defies human analysis, any new solution will need to be much more advanced than any approach requiring human interpretation and/or manual processes. The answer lies in advanced mathematics and automation found in “behavior learning” technology.

Creating the Virtualization and Cloud Management Puzzle

The advent of virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure has made conventional, rules-based approaches to systems management obsolete. But a new breed of performance management technology that uses machine learning and analytics, can enable end-to-end management in the cloud. But first, we need to understand the landscape.

Apps vs. Ops: How Cultural Divides Impede Migration to the Cloud

Many groups within the IT organization have significant stakes in the decision-making process when it comes to moving production applications to virtualized servers or to the cloud. One group in particular, the application owners, can take opposing viewpoints when it comes to these two technologies.