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Plot thickens in Apple “bait apps” case

Apple came under fire last year from parents whose children racked up credit card charges on apps that were supposed to be “free.” Apple tried to throw out a lawsuit over the apps but a judge found the parents suffered sufficient harm to pursue the case.

My iTunes Account Was Hacked for $375 — By My Own Kids

After finding more than $375 of iTunes transactions on my credit card this weekend, I thought I was hacked. It turns out the “hacker” was my step-daughter who was understandably confused between virtual goods and real currency for in-app purchases inside a free iPhone application.

Is a “Net Zero” Phone Bill Achievable?

GE plans to help consumers achieve what it calls a “Net Zero” home — as in zero utility bills — by bringing together certain innovative technologies. Why are similar innovations not taking place in telecom? Why are there no carriers touting net zero phone bills?

Video: Kongregate CEO on the Growth of Virtual Goods

Gamers in North America and Europe are now “largely comfortable” with purchasing digital content such as virtual currency and in-game goods, according to new research. We sat down with the CEO of game aggregator Kongregate to learn how virtual goods are impacting his business.

Make Spaces Hyper

I recently wrote about alternatives to Apple’s Spaces virtual desktop offering that comes included with Leopard. There, I confessed that I’ve come…

Alternatives to Apple Spaces

Almost a year ago Apple gave us Leopard (OS X 10.5), and along with it came virtual desktops for the masses, in…

Motorola Ventures Invests In VirtualLogix

Motorola Ventures has made an equity investment in VirtualLogix; no amount disclosed. VirtualLogix makes virtualization systems for communic…

NetFlix Watch Now Reviewed.

Jackson West over on NewTeeVee takes Netflix Watch Now for a spin, and comes back with an almost thumbs up. “It feels…