Virtual currency

Canada announces new scrutiny of Bitcoin

A Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver has put Canada on the map as a virtual currency hotbed. That role is now under threat as the country’s finance minister said Canada would give regulators more resources to watch virtual currency.

What’s the point of Bitcoin again?

It may be technically fascinating, but — nine months into writing about the hyper-volatile crypto-currency — I’ve completely lost track of why we need or want Bitcoin.

Facebook testing Credits outside of Facebook

Facebook isn’t a true PayPal competitor, but it’s taking some steps toward becoming an online payments provider outside of its Facebook properties. The social giant has begun testing the use of Facebook Credits on Uno Boost and Collapse! Blast, both available on gaming portal GameHouse.

Facebook Credits Nearly Ready for Primetime

Facebook has done a remarkable job of getting developers to adopt its Credits virtual currency before the program was fully fledged. Today, the company announced a partnership with PlaySpan to add 20 additional ways for users to pay for credits and plans to accelerate rollout.

IMVU Music Opens: Think iTunes For Avatars

Users of IMVU, the popular web-based virtual chat room network profiled on GigaOM last June, can purchase songs from a catalog of 1 million tracks, either as a stream to be played within IMVU or as DRM-free MP3s they can play anywhere.

Why a War on Virtual Gold Sellers Makes No Sense

Mythic Entertainment, the studio that developed Electronic Arts’ new MMORPG Warhammer Online, has adopted an extreme anti-gold selling policy. But much as gamers claim to hate gold sellers, almost one in four patronize them — Mythic, therefore, is risking alienating a quarter of its user base.