Virgin Mobile

The unlimited mobile data plan suffers more casualties

In January, Boost Mobile will start throttling speeds to its “unlimited” customers after they exceed 2.5 GB. Clearwire is experimenting with usage-based plans. It’s getting harder and harder to find a truly unlimited data plan anymore as carriers impose more restrictions.

Is Verizon turning 3G into a prepaid-only service?

Verizon may be getting serious about prepaid if only as a means to find a future use for its rapidly emptying 3G networks. After years of ceding prepaid to its competitors, Verizon started actively courting contract-averse subscribers over the holidays.

Sprint LTE goes live in Baltimore, WiMAX’s birthplace

Sprint has come full circle on 4G. Four years ago, the country’s first 4G service, Xohm, went live in Baltimore using the technology Sprint championed at the time WiAMX. On Wednesday, Sprint turned up a new 4G network, using WiMAX’s competitor LTE, in the same city.

Carrier data confirms it: Half of US now owns a smartphone

According to a new report from Chetan Sharma Consulting, the US has reached 50 percent smartphone penetration. The big operators may be leading the charge toward more sophisticated OS-driven devices, but smaller operators and the growing prepaid market is making a contribution as well.

Why are MVNOs so hot right now? Thank the carriers

Mobile virtual network operators are sprouting up like crazy all over the U.S. after becoming nearly extinct a few years ago. Why the renaissance? According to two of those new virtual operators, GSM Nation and TIng, the big carriers are finally letting MVNOs spread their wings.

Virgin Mobile pairs pre-paid iPhone with $30 plan

Confirming earlier reports that Virgin Mobile would be the next pre-paid seller of iPhones in the U.S., Sprint announced it would begin doing so on June 29. The iPhone 4 and 4S arrive that day with a unique twist: A low monthly rate starting at $30.

Virgin Mobile is next to offer pre-paid iPhone, says WSJ

Apple’s iPhone will soon arrive on Virgin Mobile, and the announcement should come sometime later this week, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. The plan will be pre-paid, and should be available “as soon as July 1,” though no pricing details were avialable.

It’s a big, big world of MVNOs: 812 and counting

There are a lot of new mobile virtual network operators popping up lately, from Republic Wireless to Ting. MVNOs practically went extinct in the last decade, but recently they’ve enjoyed a big resurgence. According to Wireless Intelligence, there are now 812 of them globally.

Virgin Mobile gets a Google Wallet phone: LG Optimus Elite

As the only major U.S. carrier backing Google Wallet, Sprint is trying to help its cause, releasing the LG Optimus Elite for Virgin Mobile on Tuesday. The $149 Android 2.3 smartphone costs $149.99, putting an NFC-based smartphone in the hands of a wider potential audience.

$99 now gets you in the Android game without a contract

Pre-paid smartphone prices are in decline, and now Virgin Mobile is offering a new Android handset for $99. The no-contract smartphone offers basic hardware but could appeal based on Virgin’s $35 monthly plan: unlimited Sprint 3G data and texts, along with 300 voice minutes.

Virgin Mobile to slow heavy smartphone data users

Virgin Mobile will begin to reduce the mobile broadband speeds of smartphone users on March 23, following a similar path as T-Mobile, AT&T and others who have offered unlimited plans. Facing huge demand for mobile data, the days of truly unlimited plans appear numbered.

Coming to America: China Telecom launching U.S. service

China Telecom is moving ahead with plans to pursue an MVNO service in the U.S. starting next year. A China Telecom executive said the branded cellular service will start early next year and will target tourists and travelers who fly between China and the U.S. frequently.

The Future of Cheap Androids Begins Now

We’re not seeing sub-$100 smartphones without contracts yet, but we’re getting closer: Virgin Mobile is selling the LG Optimus V for $149 with unlimited data plans starting at $25. That’s getting close to feature phone territory but adds the promise of apps and the mobile web.

Sprint Clawing Back With Help From Android, Prepaid

Sprint’s road to recovery is finally seeing some significant progress, thanks to a boost from Android and growth in the number of prepaid subscribers. The third-place carrier added 644,000 new subscribers in the third quarter ending Sept. 30, its best result since 2006.

Make Video Calls on the iPhone 3GS With iSeeU

Want Facetime-like video chat on your iPhone 3GS or Android phone, but you don’t have a front-facing camera? Then iSeeU could be the right solution for you: It’s a simple mirror that you mount to your phone to film yourself with your rear-facing camera. Neat.

Sprint Sees the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sprint today announced a net gain of subscribers in the most recent quarter and a record low postpaid churn, bringing the carriers total customer base to 48.2 million subscribers. But the gains were all in Sprint’s wholesale and prepaid business, which are buying time for postpaid.

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