Viral video

Why do videos go viral on Twitter? If you were wondering how and why videos go viral, Twitter has the answer for you — it doesn’t really know.…

VidCon 2012: love, respect and double rainbows

Vidcon serves as a real-time, real life reminder of the vibrant community that cares about online video — a community born in comment threads, response videos, retweets and subscriptions.  It’s a young community. It’s a very specific community.  But it’s impossible to ignore.

Wham! Enjoy Some Synchronized Men’s Gymnastics

Is your awesome quotient a little low this morning? Here’s the solution to that problem: synchronized men’s gymnastics. But there’s a hidden secret to this video, and it involves the smooth saxophone sound of 1980s-era George Michael.

PopScreen Says It Knows Which Videos Will Go Viral

Want to be the first kid on your block to forward the next viral video to all his friends? Well, a startup called PopScreen thinks it can help, with the launch of its “prediction engine” for determining which videos are going to hit it big.