Ikea TV to run YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion apps

Ikea’s Uppleva TV solution, which combines a Smart TV with living room furniture, will launch in select retail locations in Europe next month. Some of the apps available on the device at launch will offer access to services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and TuneIn radio.

The web video fan’s holiday gift guide

We’ve already told you what to get the cord cutters in your life — but what about the web video enthusiast? Here are several suggestions based on ages, interests and more, ranging from toys to T-shirts to DVDs.

ShortForm adds videos from Hulu, CollegeHumor

ShortForm is giving itsVJs new content to choose from, with clips from Hulu and CollegeHumor now available on its platform. The addition will allow VJs to build playlists that incorporate broadcast TV content and comedy clips, which play seamlessly when a user tries to access them.

Vimeo has 150,000 paying subscribers

When it comes to online video, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu dominate the headlines. Spare a minute for Vimeo, which according to Barry Diller, chairman of Vimeo owner IAC had about 150,000 paying subscribers at the end of September 2011.

WeVideo goes commercial with cloud-based video editing

WeVideo is launching a new product that will enable organizations to use its collaborative editing products in the cloud. The WeVideo Commercial product is aimed at bloggers, journalists, marketers and other creators who wish to easily edit, manage and publish videos from a single online platform.

Gigabit broadband’s chicken and egg situation

The demand for superfast broadband won’t really take off unless carriers lower prices on higher speed tiers, argues Williams Yeung, CEO of Hong Kong-based City Telecom. I think the biggest mistake we’re making is waiting for some red-hot, bandwidth-hungry application to come along.

Confessions of a YouTube superstar

Charlie McDonnell is just 20 years old, but he’s already earning a living as Britain’s most popular YouTube video blogger. What’s the secret of success? And what can the industry — video companies or broadcasters — learn from his experiences?

How Google’s Hangouts API could change social video

Sites like Vimeo or Hulu could soon utilize Google+ Hangouts to let their users interact with each other in real time, thanks to the new Hangouts API. The API makes allows anyone to develop apps for Hangouts, and video services could benefit greatly from it.

Boxee’s new iPad app packed with social discovery

Boxee is releasing an iPad app to entice new users to check out its media center software and maybe buy its broadband set-top boxes. But while the Boxee Box has been focused on adding premium content, the app is all about social sharing and video bookmarking. Redesigns To Be Like Hulu for Indie Web Series has launched a redesigned site, seeking to become the destination for independent web series. While others host a mix of professional, semi-pro and UGC content, with the redesign is focusing solely on bringing out only the best series content made strictly for the web.

Redux Is Bringing Leanback to Online TV

Redux has been working hard on finding new ways to get its users to watch videos online. But now the startup, which provides technology for online video discovery based on user interests or social sharing mechanisms, is looking to take that experience to the big screen.

Vimeo Teaches You How to Make Better Vimeo Videos

Vimeo has always nurtured the artistic side of its user community, but now it’s hoping to broaden its base even further with the Vimeo Video School, a massive offering of video tutorials for a wide range of potential creators, from new DSLR users to amateurs.

Today of All Days: Triumph of the Small

In the world of independent production, there’s a lot to be said for keeping one’s concept in scale with the production value available. Today’s example: the action comedy miniseries Today of All Days, which pulls off its objectives with flair and originality.

Vimeo Rolls Out ‘Couch Mode’ for Google TV Viewers

Vimeo is trying to capture users’ attention in their living rooms with a new user interface it calls “Couch Mode,” which offers a 10-foot viewing experience and easier navigation for users watching on Google TV-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players and other devices.

You Don’t Need Ladybits to Love Vag Magazine

Vag, a web series about a fashion magazine taken over by a team of third-wave feminists, is to Bust Magazine as Legend of Neil is to the video game Legend of Zelda — accessible even if you don’t know the source material, and so incredibly funny.

Two For Tuesday: Oops and Homemade Spacecraft

To own a video camera is to be able to capture the world in motion, which is a pretty amazing thing. But what happens when people let their cameras go — either by dropping them or sending them into space? Even more amazing stuff.

Vimeo iPhone App On the Way

Online video site Vimeo is working on an iPhone app, which is expected to be released in the fourth quarter. The app is a bit of a departure from Vimeo’s existing strategy of making videos available on HTML5 through the iPhone’s Safari browser.

Vimeo Festival and Awards Release Shortlist, Add Judges

The first annual Vimeo Festival and Awards approaches, with today bringing the announcement of the submissions shortlist, determining the top 20 videos in nine categories — one of which will go on to receive a $25,000 grant and the attention of David Lynch and M.I.A.

Vid-Biz: Amazon 99-Cent Shows, Sezmi, Vimeo

Today on the Net: Amazon is reportedly taking a loss on TV shows that it priced at 99 cents to compete with Apple TV, Sezmi has struck a deal to sell its set-top box on and Vimeo’s traffic has doubled over the past six months.

Star Wars Uncut Is Ready for Watching (Online)

Last year, former Vimeo developer Casey Pugh invited the Internet to help him remake Star Wars, one 15-second clip at a time. One Emmy nomination and 904 videos later, it’s now possible to see a whole new A New Hope, created entirely by fans.

Vimeo Now On iPhone, iPad and Roku

Vimeo is expanding the availability of its online video site with a new universal player that will work on iPhone and iPad mobile devices, as well as a channel on Roku broadband set-top boxes. The site is also adding a “Watch Later” feature to its player.

Vimeo Adds Creative Commons Licensing

Online video site Vimeo has teamed up with Creative Commons to allow its users to easily add licensing and define usage rights for videos they upload. With Creative Commons licenses, Vimeo users can allow others to use, perform, distribute or make derivative videos from their originals.

YouTube Tries to Get More Artsy, With Help From the Guggenheim

YouTube (s GOOG) has never been particularly well known for high-brow content, but it’s looking to change that through a new initiative in conjunction with the Guggenheim Museum and HP called YouTube Play that will seek creative, artistic and experimental videos from its users.

Vimeo Seeks Submissions for Festival, Awards Program

Vimeo is formally accepting submissions for its first annual festival and awards program, seeking to identify the most innovative videos on the web. With a panel of celebrity judges and a $25,000 first prize, the online video site hopes to drum up interest in the program.

Vimeo Sued Over Lip Dubs

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo. A few years ago, video-sharing site Vimeo hit the big…


Should You Super-Syndicate Your Web Series?

Super-syndication (or hyper-syndication, depending on your preference) was a big buzzword in the online video world a few years back. The web allowed content creators to reach out to audiences everywhere and anywhere they were, rather than making audiences come to the creators. But is this shotgun blast approach still the best syndication strategy for content creators looking to build an audience? Just because you can post a video anywhere, does that mean you should?

Vimeo Hits 1M Vids, Preps Premium Service

Video-sharing site Vimeo announced this week that it’s now hosting more than 1 million videos — 100,000 of which are in HD. That’s a lot of HD, which adds a lot of costs to the IAC-backed business that Barry Diller recently said wasn’t big enough to attract serious ad revenue. Vimeo has a loyal and growing fan base, but will it pay up for the Vimeo Plus premium service the site aims to launch later this month?