Is Twitter heading toward a future in video?

A tweet from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Wednesday morning hinted that Twitter could be interested in moving toward a future in shareable video, possibly through Vine, the company Twitter acquired earlier this fall. So where is the company headed with video?

To stream everywhere, Netflix encodes each movie 120 times

Getting Netflix streams to play on all of your devices requires a whole lot of encoding: The company is preparing 120 different versions of each movie to deal with different screen sizes and bandwidth requirements, according to a recently published behind-the-scenes video.

How ad agencies are a bottleneck in the video economy

While publishers and developers have evolved to take advantage of new digital platforms, advertisers are lagging behind. Too often, they are simply repurposing TV material rather than tailoring their creative material to the online video environment.

How smart videos can change the face of customer service

AT&T has been reducing the number and length of calls to its call centers by relying on so-called smart videos from New York City-based SundaySky. The videos are personalized tutorials that are built on the fly using pre-scripted clips mixed with the subscriber’s own data.

Swivl turns your iPhone into a self-tracking cameraman

Since I only have two arms, capturing myself on video with an iPhone is basically a non-event. It’s not that I’m narcissistic; I often do reviews on camera or interview folks at trade shows. With Swivl, an intelligent, swiveling tripod base I can use my iPhone.

Qwiki launches interactive story-telling platform with ABC News

Qwiki, the start-up known for creating automated multimedia presentations, is launching a new media format that allows publishers, bloggers, web personalities and others to create 60-second video stories that are embedded with other videos, images, maps and links. ABC News is one of the first partners.

Rumblefish’s Friendly Music relaunches with 750k songs

In 2010, Rumblefish launched a website called Friendly Music to make licensing soundtracks for YouTube videos ultra-easy. Now it’s added a lot more music tracks and improved the discovery process, enabling users to search for tracks based on mood and occasion.

VYou brings video Q&A service to Android phones

Video Q&A startup VYou is massively extending its reach with the release Monday of an Android app. That app, which follows the release of an iPhone app last September, could greatly increase the number of mobile users VYou can attract.

Google Videos eating up GBs? Here’s how to fix it

I love watching high-definition movies on my Galaxy Nexus because the phone actually has a true high-definition display. There’s a problem though: after watching the rentals, the massive media files aren’t disappearing from my phone. Here’s the quick fix which requires a file manager application.

Somebody’s watching me: iOS remote cameras compared

Previous generations of home surveillance systems required setup via a computer (usually a PC) and had a high cost of entry, but a new crop of low-cost Internet-enabled cameras promise “post-PC” easy setup as well as iOS integration. I’ve tested two new players in this area.

Live TV is coming to Boxee

The Boxee Box is getting a live TV tuner, which will allow users to watch both live HD television and Internet content through Boxee’s interface.

For Comcast, broadband grows fast, video losses slow

Comcast has slowed the loss of video subscribers over the past several quarters, as it rolls out new products and new ways to access its content. At the same time it strengthened broadband subscriber growth, with more of its customers opting for double- and triple-play offerings.

More tablets means video hogs even more bandwidth

Time for mobile operators to hit the panic button — mobile video use is increasing across their networks and users are choosing to watch higher resolution clips when they sit down for a video-watching session. New data from Bytemobile sheds some light on how video swamps networks.

Keek raises $5.5M for short video messaging service

Keek is just one of many startups looking to become the Twitter of video status updates. But it might be the best financed: Keek announced that it has raised $5.5 million in a financing round led by AlphaNorth Asset Management and Plazacorp Ventures.

Clipblast launches video channel guide Griddeo

ClipBlast is moving on to the problem of video discovery and curation, using the data it has collected from video search and applying it to its new project, Griddeo, which lets users find and create channels of videos which can be watched in a continuous stream.

Affine Systems sells TV-like video audiences online

Affine Systems wants to make buying online video ads similar to the way TV ads are bought. The startup is making technology available to avertisers that is designed to provide larger available online inventory and stronger brand protection when serving ads against “non-premium” online video.

You Can Buy an Old Dog(ster) For New Tricks

Dogster, the old-school social network for dog and cat owners has been purchased by Say Media in the first deal for the recently created content and advertising company. Say Media was created last September when blogging platform SixApart was swallowed by video ad network VideoEgg.

Two Vintage Movie Making Apps Vie for an Audience

Apple is finally bringing AirPlay to home movies shot on the iPhone or iPod touch in iOS 4.3. I’d like to have some actual videos to show friends and family using the feature. A couple of new apps promise to make those videos more visually interesting.

Video: BlackBerry Style — Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The flip format isn’t dead by a long shot. My review of the BlackBerry Style gives the details about the phone, but this video shows why the Style might be the perfect stocking stuffer for the BlackBerry lover on your gift list this holiday season.

Watch an iPad Get Industrially Hole-Punched

Watching the iPad get destroyed is something that pains me, but I also find it strangely hypnotizing. I’ve seen the Apple tablet blended, bashed by a baseball bat, shot and even skateboarded into oblivion. Now, one gets a perfect hole precision-cut through its center.

Struggling Six Apart Begged for $2M Loan

When blogging pioneer Six Apart said it was being purchased by ad network VideoEgg the deal seemed to confirm that the once-hot startup had been left in the dust by competition from the likes of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. The merger documents tell a sad tale.

Cutting the Cord With Sprint TV [on Video]

As our new Cord Cutters feature makes clear, many folks are trying to ditch expensive paid TV in favor of alternatives that give users more control over what they watch. Sprint smartphone owners have the free Sprint TV service, as shown in this video.


Sometimes the best way to “see” a product or service is to do exactly that — see it. Here you’ll find screencasts,…

Video: Ultra Keyboard for Android

A mobile keyboard plays a big role in determining how productive a smartphone can be for tasks involving text entry. I’ve used many keyboards for Android, and Ultra Keyboard is heads and shoulders above the pack. This video shows the major features of the app.

Video: gReader Pro for Android

I spend a lot of time checking RSS feeds for news that affects my work. I follow thousands of websites through the feeds, and those generate many thousands of posts that need my attention. My Android app of choice to do this is gReader Pro.

Video: How To Customize Your Android Phone

A big draw to the Android phone is the ability to customize virtually everything on the phone to make it work the way you want. This customization reaches deep into the interface; here are 5 of them that are readily available in the Android Market.

A New Hope: VLC Is in the App Store

Apple’s iOS devices only play specially encoded .m4v, .mp4 and .mov files natively. VLC plays just about any video format, including .mkv, .avi, and .mpeg’s. VLC is a great tool for Macs, but does the just-released iPad version provide a new hope for iOS devices?

Vidyo Takes Broadcasting Into the Cloud

Video conferencing startup Vidyo introduced a new business unit and product offering today that is aimed at reducing the cost of broadcast video production by making it IP-based rather than satellite-based. With the launch of VidyoCast, Vidyo says it can reduce the cost of broadcasting significantly.

New Search Deal Brings AOL Videos To YouTube

AOL and Google announced an expanded search agreement ensuring that Google will remain the default search engine for AOL users. The deal will also add a new source of video content to YouTube, as AOL has agreed to distribute its videos through the online video site.

jkOnTheRun Video: HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G is my new smartphone and so far it is great. This short video gives a walk around the EVO to show what it packs, and demonstrates how fluidly the Snapdragon processor keeps things moving. An AMOLED display makes a cameo appearance.

YouTube Adds Video Editing in the Cloud

In the past, if YouTube users wanted their clips to be perfect, they had to use offline video editing tools. But now, the video share site has rolled out cloud-based video editing tools, giving users a whole new way to remix their existing video assets online.

iSight: What’s Happening?

In Apple’s press release for the iMac G5, Steve Jobs was quoted, “Plus, the built-in iSight video camera delivers out-of-the-box video conferencing with friends and family, as well as hours of fun with our new Photo Booth application.” So, what happened to the iSight?

Apps on the iPad — a Video

There are already thousands of apps available in the App Store and I have been testing quite a few of them. There are a few apps I am using the most on the iPad and in the video I show briefly how each one looks running.

iPad — the Agony of the Wait Video

Like thousands of you, this week of waiting for the magic of the iPad is a horribly slow time. Buck up, it won’t be long now. This video commiserates with those dealing with this almost unbearable waiting for the iPad to appear. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek video.

Apple Posts iPad Guided Tours

Apple’s marketing push for the iPad is going into full swing now that the launch date of the device is only days away. There’s the TV ad, for instance, but what caught my attention today was the series of “Guided Tour” videos Apple posted on its website yesterday.

Viliv S10 Blade on Video

The Viliv S10 Blade is a thin convertible netbook that redefines the term “sleek.” You’ll know what I mean once you view the video. Combining a multitouch swivel screen with augmented netbook components, Viliv has produced the smallest 10-inch netbook with a full keyboard.

Toshiba Satellite U505 Video Overview

Toshiba’s Satellite U505 notebook runs on the new Intel Core i3 processor. I’ll see how this $799 configuration performs, but for now, here’s a short video overview of the device. The range of ports is impressive, but the multitouch trackpad leaves me wanting more.

LinkTV Building a YouTube for Social Change

With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, non-profit satellite network LinkTV is building a site called, which will use open-source, semantic technology to create an information hub for global development resources. LinkTV says that ViewChange will be launched in summer 2010.

SpeedBit Is Still Speeding (Downloads) Along

Israel’s SpeedBit last month saw its SpeedBit Video Accelerator pass the 20 million installs-mark. The company, which makes a handful of products, claims that it now delivers about 8 million files daily and has about 18.5 million active monthly users.

Magic Bullet Looks 1.2

Red Giant Software is a company that develops special effects applications for film and video editing, with credits in The Curious Case…

One to Watch: VideoSurf

Not a week goes by when Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t wring his hands in public about the problems of monetizing online…

Apple releases Final Cut Server

Today Apple announced the release of the much anticipated Final Cut Server, “a powerful software solution for media asset management and workflow…

C4[1] Videos Available

Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch, the well-dressed gent who puts on the C4[1] conference for indie mac developers, has put online all the videos…

NTV Predictions: Mobile Video

Among the questions we’ve asked our panel of experts was this one: Will mobile video still suck in 2008? Selections from their…

veni, Vidi, vici

Here’s a simple little app which works a treat if you need to view and/or import video from a firewire DV device…

Xing buys & grows its network

Update: LinkedIn is heading towards an IPO, hires ex-TiVo CFO as its CFO. Different strokes for different social networking folks… while Facebook…