Video games

Counting down to SimCity

Electronics Arts is about to release one of its most anticipated games – the new SimCity. As a self confessed SimCity addict, I think I am about to retreat into a city of my own.

Why your next game console ought to be Watson

Early attempts at cloud-based video gaming were a flop. Roy Bahat, of OUYA, says it’s still a worthy pursuit, but should be based on a new generation of games built specifically to take advantage of the cloud’s supercomputing strengths.

After Kickstarter success, Ouya CEO just getting started

Ouya, a $99 Android-based video game console, has picked up more than $5 million in the biggest Kickstarter campaign to date. It’s also received plenty of doubts from skeptics as well. In an interview, Julie Uhrman, the CEO and founder, said Ouya is the real deal.

The incredible story of Indie Game: The Movie

The independent film’s lifecycle has undergone a lot of upheaval in the last 20 years, but digital distribution’s truly disrupting things. Less than six months after debuting at Sundance, Indie Game: The Movie will be available for sale via iTunes, VHX and gaming platform Steam.

Games for the weekend: Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf is a sports game that plays more like a platformer. Scoring is the same as in golf, but each golf course is designed more like a level from a Mario game than something you’d see on the PGA tour.

Games for the weekend: Paper Toss 2.0

Throwing paper into trash cans is always fun, but doing it virtually on your iPad or iPhone in a whimsical, visually pleasing environment where you can’t get caught by the boss and don’t need a steady supply of real paper is even better.

Raptr Shows How Social Networks Can Get More Personal

Raptr, a social network for gamers, is showing some interesting ways in which it’s using what it knows about its members to create tailored experiences that cut through a lot of noise. And it’s showing how social networking can evolve to be even more personal.

Happy Cloud Taps the Cloud to Speed Up Video Game Downloads

Happy Cloud, a Cambridge, Mass. startup believes the key to accelerating online gaming of top titles is intelligent progressive downloads that leverage the cloud to make games playable within a few minutes. The goal is to make video game downloads as on-demand as videos on Netflix.

The Red Vs. Blue Guys Get Real With Immersion

Rooster Teeth Studios already has one of the most successful shows on with the machinima series Red vs. Blue. But while they’re not afraid of the live-action world, they’ll still find a way to make their newest original series about video games.

The Games Amazon Plays

What with its e-reader, the Kindle, and its cloud computing efforts, it can be easy to forget that Seattle-based Amazon (s AMZN)…