Video conferencing

Altia Systems makes video conferencing panoramic

Video conferencing is about to get more panoramic and interactive. Stealth startup Altia Systems is introducing a new system that stitches together video and creates a panoramic viewing experiences that viewers can zoom and interact with.

Fuzebox raises $20M to continue video-conferencing push

Fuzebox, a company that provides cloud-based visual communications technology for groups like Disney, NASA, and the Department of Defense, is announcing Thursday a $20 million series A funding round to scale its products and improve how clients can communicate remotely with high-resolution materials.

Google to merge Hangouts, Talk & Messenger

Google has Google Talk for text, voice and video chats, Hangouts for group video conferencing and Messenger for mobile messaging. All of these properties could one day merge into a more unified experience, the Google+ Hangouts team said at Google I/O Wednesday.

Ambient video and the changing face of communication

Video is becoming more of a casual form of communication, with people leaving video chat services like OoVoo on in the background for hours on end. Video sharing is becoming more immediate with more live broadcasting of your life.

Cisco pulls another Flip, stops selling Umi telepresence units

Cisco’s move into living room video conferencing with its Umi product never got going, hampered by a high price and competition from free alternatives. Now Cisco has confirmed that it is no longer selling the consumer telepresence gear, though it will continue to support existing users.

Microsoft Makes $8.5 Billion Skype Buy Official

Microsoft confirmed that it has agreed to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion and plans to integrate the Internet communications service into a wide array of products from Kinect and Windows Phone 7 to Lync, Outlook and Xbox Live.

Should Skype Be Cisco’s Gateway Drug?

With 560 million registered users (124 million of which are active), but only 8.1 million paying customers, Skype could use some help. Cisco makes a great deal of sense as a buyer, because it can monetize Skype’s user base in a way that Skype never could.

Skype Launches Group Video Chat

Skype has rolled out a new version of its software that will finally allow more than two people to video conference with each other. With the latest update, groups of up to five friends can now chat with each other via video through the Skype application.

Cisco Moves Closer to Tandberg Acquisition

Cisco’s $3.4 billion bid to take over Tandberg has moved one step closer to reality, as the networking giant said today that it’s gained control of 91.1 percent of the Norwegian company’s shares. But the deal still needs approval from the U.S. DOJ.

Is Microsoft the new IBM?

Bill Burnham draws a parallel between today’s Microsoft and IBM of old, circa 1975. They have pretty much the same problems and…