Video chat

Ring, ring: Skype for Windows Phone 8 now calling!

A preview version of Skype for Windows Phone 8 is available for those with new Microsoft-powered handsets. Although the app isn’t finalized, it offers a solid set of features such as People hub integration, calls in the background and presence in the contact list.

Like Color, time for Airtime to get off the air

In today’s attention starved world, if you miss the chance to make an impression, people move onto something new. Doesn’t matter who you were and how much money you have in the bank – users decide who wins or loses. Airtime & Color are finding it out.

Voice is a killer app, but not all carriers will kill to control it

Despite the dust up over FaceTime, not all carriers see blocking or restricting over-the-top communications services as their option. VoIP player Sidecar thinks carriers will try and match the features of OTT apps, while T-Mobile says it actively encourage the use of competing IP communications services.

Everything you ever wanted to know about WebRTC

When Skype and Google Talk eventually ditch their apps and plugins, they’re going to use WebRTC. And when the next Chatroulette comes around, it may be using WebRTC as well. Check out this video to understad what WebRC is all about.

Simple Nexus 7 mod enables 720p video recording

The lack of a rear camera on the Nexus 7 disappointed some and even the front camera is limited. The sensor is 1.3 megapixels, but only captures VGA video. Adding a few lines of code to a rooted Nexus 7 changes that to 720p video.

Spreecast raises $7M to take on Google+ Hangouts

A group video chat that can be broadcasted to an unlimited number of viewers: Sounds like Google+ Hangouts, doesn’t it? Video chat Startup Spreecast believes it can compete with Hangouts by offering more interactivity, and it just raised a $7 Series A to prove its point.

Airtime: not enough there to make me care

Today’s launch event for Airtime, the Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning social video chat service, was a good representation of the product it was showcasing: the star-studded event was not well planned and showy without enough depth. Airtime can still succeed but it needs more substance.

Beam me up: Kinect powers 3-D human holograms!

Just as the older members of my family are finally getting used to Skype and FaceTime, along comes a 3-D hologram concept project! Dubbed the TeleHuman, the system uses six Microsoft Kinect sensors and a 3-D projector inside a 1.8 meter tall acrylic cylinder.

With 45M total users, Tango raises another $40M

Video chat startup Tango has raised another big round of funding, bringing in $40 million in Series C financing led by Qualcomm Ventures and Access Industries. That comes on the heels of impressive growth, with more than 45 million users signed up in just 18 months.

Sneak peek at Comcast’s Skype on Xfinity service

Comcast announced earlier this year that it would soon introduce Skype to its subscribers, with an easy-to-use kit that will allow users to quickly turn up video chat services on their TVs. We got a sneak peek at the offering at Comcast headquarters last week.

Vevo partners with Chill for group chat

Vevo gets into the real-time collaborative media consumption game with a new feature called Vevo Rooms that allows music fans to program playlists and chat with one another while they’re watching music videos together, Vevo Rooms is launched in collaboration with Chill.

Skype goes VP8, embraces open video codec

Any video call between users of Skype’s newest Windows client automatically uses Google’s open video codec VP8. Being embraced by a company that’s soon part of Microsoft is a big boost for Google’s open video strategy, and it could quell potential fears of patent lawsuits.

3 reasons the Nexus S is coming to AT&T: N, F and C

Google is bringing Samsung’s Nexus S smartphone to AT&T’s network on July 24 for $99 with a two-year contract. Customers can preorder the handset today online or in a Best Buy store. Why launch a handset that’s a bit behind current hardware? Google Wallet comes to mind.

Why video chat? Why not?

Last weekend I had on of my eureka moments around mobile video chat. It’s gonna be big, perhaps as big as 29.6 billion video calls made in 2015. So to all the naysayers who think video chat is just plain weird, hear me out.

Did Facebook hijack a developer’s app for its own purposes?

UPDATED: Last week, Facebook and Skype launched a new video calling application, hosted at But Samuday Web Technologies says it was at that domain first. Samuday now says its video chat app was unceremoniously kicked off of Facebook to make way for the new Skype feature.

How video chat on Android tablets is about to improve

As we migrate away from stationary computing, new software solutions are needed for mobile activities. SRI’s latest development brings image stabilization to Google Talk users with Honeycomb tablets. Along with an improved experience, SRI’s video-stability solution could improve battery life for heavy video chatters.

Facebook, Skype and the mechanics of the hook up

Facebook’s Skype integration involved a lot of slimming down of Skype’s native client and making it work in a browser, creating the back-end integration between Facebook and Skype and scaling up Skype’s network to handle the expected flood of traffic.

Facebook video chat kicks off “Launching Season 2011”

Facebook has announced a partnership with Skype that enables one-on-one video chat within the social networking website.The video chat debut is just the first of what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said would be a series of launches the company has planned for the near future.

Skype brings video calls to select Android devices

Skype just announced that video chat is finally coming to Android devices, though only to a few so far. The feature is part of a big update for the Android app that includes a UI redesign that adds usability to the app.

What do you use for Mac and iOS video chat?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video will save you even more typing. There are lots of video chat options out there now for both Mac and iOS, and the competition is fierce. Which is your go-to client on either platform, and why?

With SkypeKit, Skype wants to be everywhere

Skype opened up its development platform to all comers Tuesday, but it still has a disconnect between revenue generation and its platform efforts. Like many companies trying to build a dominant position in the technology ecosystem, Skype is navigating the path between dollars and devs.

Skype is coming to the iPad

After a leaked video accidentally spoiled the surprise, Skype has confirmed that it is preparing an iPad app for release. No firm date is yet known for when it will arrive; it is expected to be approved soon by Apple for the App Store.

Mobile Video Is So Hot It Earned a Spot on the Silicon

Mobile video is here to stay whether it’s chatting with friends via Skype or streaming movies from Netflix. Even Adobe’s Flash player has a place in the Apple-definedpost-PC era judging by several announcements showing application providers and chipmakers marrying various video codecs to their silicon.

Could Skype Be Microsoft’s Smart TV Trojan Horse?

Microsoft’s mixed history in the digital living room has many thinking the company could botch its deal with Skype where smart TVs are concerned. But leveraging Skype’s social capabilities and integrating the service with key Microsoft products might just prove otherwise.

SocialEyes Taps Facebook Social Graph for Video Chatting

SocialEyes is launching today with the promise of making video chat truly social by leveraging Facebook Connect. The San Francisco company is building a video messaging platform that tries to move beyond largely one-to-one or group chatting experiences and looks like something Facebook would make.

Daily US Video Chat Usage Has Doubled in the Past Year

The percentage of Internet users who video chat on any given day has doubled over the past year. While still a tiny percentage of the overall market, users are quickly taking to the idea of video chat and integrating it into their every day lives.

Yahoo Gets Into Mobile Video Chat Game

Yahoo (s yhoo) plans to bring its popular Yahoo Messenger client to iPhone and Android phones, enabling FaceTime-like video chat conversations across multiple platforms, both mobile and PC. David Katz, Yahoo’s VP of Mobile for the Americas region, shared the news with Reuters.

Chatroulette Launches Channelroulette and Localroulette

Chatroulette is now allowing users to chat with others living in the same country or region, and it’s also enabling everyone to start themed channels. These new features could represent a turning point for Chatroulette, which has struggled to deal with users exposing themselves to others.

E3: Xbox Live Gets Exclusive ESPN Partnership, Video Chat

Microsoft today announced an exclusive partnership with ESPN at their E3 media presentation. Via Xbox Live, over 3,500 live sporting events in the first year will be available, many in HD. In addition, Xbox’s controller-free Kinect system will enable video chatting for Live users.

How Video Chat Can Fight Climate Change

Will the explosive growth of video conferencing over the next five years — which could rise to 29.6 billion video calls during 2015, according to a new report from GigaOM Pro this morning — mean a significant cut in plane flights and carbon emissions?

Can You See Me Now? The Future of Video Chat

The 4G iPhone will be one of the first handsets to bring mobile video chat to the masses. A new report from our GigaOM Pro research team estimates that by 2015 video chat will grow to 30 billion calls helped by handsets like the latest iPhone.

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