Verizon FIOS

At Verizon, DSL slows but FiOS Internet booms

When you think of Verizon these days it is all about LTE, spectrum heists and the iPhone. There is rest of the phone company that is doing what it does – sell voice, video and data center services. And of the lot, FiOS broadband is booming.

The dirty secret inside Verizon’s cable spectrum buy

Several companies and nonprofit organizations filed their opposition to Verizon’s planned $4 billion buy of spectrum owned by the cable companies on Wednesday. But this isn’t an industry fight. This is a fight that should involve everyone from consumers to Internet companies.

Verizon teams up with Redbox to cash in on video

Verizon and Redbox are creating a joint venture to provide content online and through Redbox’s physical DVD rental kiosks around the country. The deal is a chance for Verizon to make money from streaming content and show off how awesome its network is.

Vid-Biz: AllVid, FiOS-ESPN, BBC iPlayer

Today on the Net: Google, TiVO and Best Buy have joined forces to lobby the FCC on its AllVid proposal, Verizon FiOS customers are now able to watch authenticated ESPN videos online and the BBC iPlayer now has content from commercial TV counterparts.

Vid-Biz: BBC iPlayer, RealNetworks, Verizon VOD

Today on the Net: the BBC iPlayer gets an upgrade to hook it into more social networks, RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser gets a new gig as a part-time venture partner with Accel, and Verizon doubles the number of VOD titles that are available to FiOS customers