VeriFone gives up competing head-on with Square

Just seven months after introducing Sail, a payment platform for small merchants that competed with Square, VeriFone is now saying it is retreating from that business and will look to banks and other channel partners to sell the service to merchants.

VeriFone opens Sail payment platform to developers

VeriFone is opening up its Sail mobile payment service to developers with a new developer portal. That will allow developers to easily add Sail to their mobile apps. But it will also be a way for developers to offer their services to Sail’s business customers.

VeriFone starts showing how Sail’s openness helps it compete

VeriFone’s Square competitor SAIL is showing the first integration with a third-party service. It is working with Stitch Labs to offer customers a way to merge online and offline inventory management. The integration demonstrates how SAIL will compete by being open to outside services.

VeriFone launches Square rival SAIL on Android

VeriFone is taking its newly launched SAIL mobile payment product to Android smartphones after debuting on the iPhone last month. The move helps VeriFone better compete with Square, an early mobile payment leader and PayPal Here, which are both available on iPhones and Android.

VeriFone targets Square with new Sail payment platform

Payment provider VeriFone is doubling down on the small and medium sized market with a new payment open platform called SAIL that will look to give merchants a more flexible tool for conducting transactions. SAIL also puts more big name pressure on Square.

VeriFone equips retailers for the future of shopping

Payment system provider VeriFone is arming its merchants and retailers with new tools to handle the evolutions in commerce. At the National Retail Federation convention this week, the company, is demonstrating how it can help merchants become more mobile, more responsive and dynamic.

VeriFone buys Global Bay to win mobile retail market

VeriFone, which makes the PayWare card swipe sleeve and app, is doubling down on its retail mobile strategy by buying Global Bay Mobile, which provides a suite of mobile software for smartphones and tablets that enable sales people to engage customers away from the POS terminal.

Stopping threats like Operation Shady RAT

Security used to be fairly straightforward — put boundaries around your infrastructure-holding business data. Today, with the rapid adoption of cloud and mobile computing and the overall consumerization of IT, traditional boundaries have become fluid, which means companies must protect the data itself.

VeriFone’s Square App Can’t Skim? Think Again.

Payment company VeriFone recently went after rival Square by releasing a demo app that showed how a user could skim credit card info using Square’s hardware dongle. VeriFone claimed the app couldn’t be used to actually skim, but it turns out that it can — easily.

Are You Ready for the New Peer-to-Peer Economy?

It’s unlikely you missed the big brouhaha between San Francisco-based startup Square and VeriFone, a payment processing services provider. VeriFone accused Square of not being secure and being easily hackable. Dorsey denied. This week’s dust-up makes me wonder if VeriFone quite understands its own business.

Why Square Has the Credit Card Industry on the Run

As an experienced user of various credit card processing services, I know why VeriFone is concerned enough about Square to employ the kind of scare tactics found in yesterday’s “open letter” — Square is poised to revolutionize the credit card payment industry in a big way.

Square’s Dorsey: Verifone Security Claims Not Accurate

Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey responded to VeriFone’s much publicized and questionable attack on its security with an understated letter that defends his mobile payment system’s protections, saying VeriFone’s claims are neither fair or accurate and don’t reflect existing protections in Square and credit cards.