Five Questions With…7Robot CEO Sarah Szalavitz

You guys are lucky: Today’s Five Questions With… features a true new media big thinker. 7Robot founder/CEO Sarah Szalavitz discusses the potential power of 3-D printing, the problem with the term “transmedia” and how online video’s role in the digital marketplace has changed.

Vid-Biz:, Discovery, UMG-Veoh

Today on the Net: develops a new form of pre-roll ad that allows users to click and download content on other devices, Discovery promotes digital media head Bruce Campbell and the EFF files an amicus brief arguing that UMG’s Veoh lawsuit would thwart federal law.

Where On Earth Is the Online Video Arbitrage Model?

On the text web, arbitrage has become the word of the day as whole ecosystems have sprung up to optimize and monetize the link economy. But when it comes to online video, the arbitrage model is failing badly.

What Went Wrong at Veoh?

Veoh is shutting down and about to file for bankruptcy, despite raising ample funding and having solid search and recommendation technology. The…

Chart: The Web Video Money Pit

Online video has largely succeeded at many of its goals: It is democratizing media and encouraging a culture of sharing and participation.…

Chart: The Web Video Money Pit

Online video has largely succeeded at many of its goals, but let’s be honest, it’s done more displacing and unstabilizing than it has wealth creation. On the eve of Veoh’s bankruptcy, we can look back and see a lot of VC dollars down the drain.

What's On GigaNET: George Carlin, for Starters

NewTeeVee Station: Remembering George Carlin. His best videos have been ranked and collated for your viewing pleasure. NewTeeVee: ABC wants what Veoh…

Veoh Hit With Alleged DoS Attack

The fact that Veoh‘s entire site went down because of what its founder believed was a denial-of-service attack — while I was…