Twitter acquisition confirms that curation is the future

Twitter’s purchase of Summify, which delivered an email summary of interesting links from a user’s social networks, shows Twitter is trying to get smarter about how it filters the flood of information users are exposed to. It’s a challenge that’s only going to grow.

Vancouver Gets a Different Kind of Grow Lab

As the technology boom (or bubble) continues to roll on, more “incubators” are trying to duplicate the kind of success that Y Combinator has seen in producing startups: one of the most recent to launch is GrowLab, based in both British Columbia and Silicon Valley.

Bootup Labs Founder: "I Made Mistakes. I Was Wrong"

The co-founder of venture fund and incubator Bootup Labs has apologized publicly for the failure of the company’s Y Combinator-style startup camp, which fell apart last week after it failed to raise enough money to back all of the startups it had accepted into the program.

At Startup Incubator Bootup Labs, a Scandal Brews

Startup incubator Bootup Labs has come under fire from startups after one of the entrepreneurs who was accepted into the group’s program said he and his co-founder had their dreams dashed and were left penniless as a result of promises Bootup Labs made and couldn’t keep.