Most of Ustream’s big $75m Softbank funding never came

Updated. Now we know why Ustream has been raising new funding, and possibly why former CEO John Ham recently stepped down. The startup collected less than half of the $75 million funding round from Japanese mobile and Internet behemoth Softbank that it announced in early 2010.

Ustream gets $6M funding, on the hunt for new CEO

Live video streaming pioneer Ustream is going through some pretty major changes, the company said Friday. First, it has landed $6 million in new funding from two existing investors — and second, its co-founder, John Ham, is leaving his job as the company’s CEO.

Charlie Sheen’s Korner Already Raking In the Dough

Charlie Sheen is making “six figures” with his sponsored tweets, and his appearances on Ustream attract hundreds of thousands of views, despite the lack of any regular schedule. However, the future of his Ustream show is unclear: Sheen said yesterday that the show is for sale.

Charlie Sheen On Ustream: A Wasted Opportunity

“The future of television is happening right now,” tweeted someone sitting pretty in the medium’s present, Survivor host Jeff Probst. But fr…

BlackBoxTV Going Live Just Another Game Changer

The thriller anthology series BlackBoxTV has been steadily pushing the web series world’s boundaries since launching last August. Today, for example, it’s stepping away from scripted programming this week for a little field trip to Iowa, live-streaming for 24 hours straight from a haunted house.

Vid-Biz: Fox-Cablevision, Netflix, Ustream

Today on the Net: The FCC could have made a difference in the Fox-Cablevision spat but decided it didn’t want the authority, Netflix could be racking up a $2 billion tab for streaming content and Ustream cut 4.5 percent of its staff today.

Livestream Goes Hollywood, Poaches Ustream Exec

Livestream is ramping up its efforts to court music labels and Hollywood studios with the opening of a new office in Los Angeles. And the startup’s first hire for the office is new Jeff Varnell, who was poached from Livestream competitor Ustream.

Twitter Relaunches Web App

Twitter today announced a new version of at the company’s first-ever major press conference at its San Francisco headquarters. The new app will embed media in the right pane through deals with 16 photo and video hosts including TwitPic, YouTube, Vimeo and Ustream.

Ustream Hands Over Users’ IP Addresses to UFC

Live streaming pirates beware: The UFC’s muscle men are coming after you, and Ustream just helped them out by passing along IP addresses of infringing users. The live streaming site told us today that it “complied in a timely manner” to a UFC subpoena.

Vid-Biz: CBS on the iPad, Ustream Apps, Rovi Ads

Today on the Net: CBS is testing out HTML5 video on the iPad with old episodes of Star Trek Enterprise, Ustream is making it easier for its professional users to build custom iPhone apps and Rovi is introducing ads into its interactive programming guide.

Vid-Biz: Jersey Shore, Hulu, Ustream

Today on the ‘Net: YouTube’s Hunter walk believes online video is dead, Viacom’s Philippe Dauman discusses alternative subscription models and Hulu is going to make users wait a little bit longer before rolling out its much-anticipated subscription service.

Ustream Expands to Japan

Live video firm Ustream has made good on its plans to expand in Asia-Pacific, using new recent funding from Softbank to launch…

The Oscars Get the Live-Streamed Red Carpet Treatment

The big-daddy awards show, The Oscars, is getting with the social-media picture this year and live-streaming from the red carpet. A two-hour live show on from 3-5 p.m. PT on Sunday will be followed by behind-the-scenes clips and interviews posted that night.

Vid-Biz: Ustream, ABC, 3-D TVs

4.35M Watched Live Streams Of Chilean Earthquake & Hawaii Tsunami; according to Ustream, around 4.35 million people watched their coverage of the…

Vid-Biz: NBC, ABC News, Fliqz

NBC Launches Social ‘Communicator’ Tool; new ad-supported application allows users to watch full-length episodes of NBC programming, with built-in texting and unlimited…

Ustream Cuts Some Staff

We’ve confirmed a report by TechCrunch that live video startup Ustream has laid off four employees, amounting to 10 percent of its…

Ustream Makes It to the iPhone

Ustream just let us know that Apple has approved its live-streaming application for the iPhone. This isn’t a huge breakthrough, since the…

Ustream.TV Gets Funded For Video Broadcasting

Ustream.TV, a site for broadcasting live video, has raised unspecified funding from Western Technology Ventures, the Band of Angels and othe…