User-generated content

Should the mainstream media see Twitter as competition?

The deal that Twitter announced on Thursday with NASCAR will see an editor employed by the network curating and highlighting tweets and other content, a deal that takes Twitter even further into the realm of being a media entity. Should traditional media players be concerned?

Kapture lets merchants reward users for sharing pictures online

Kapture, a new start-up from an original member of Qwiki, lets business reward users for sharing pictures about their establishment through their social networks. It allows merchants to leverage user generated content to help spread the word about their businesses and strengthen their relationships with consumers.

TrustYou grabs $5M to make sense of online reviews

TrustYou, a Munich-based startup that makes semantic search technology for categorizing online reviews, has taken on $5 million in Series A funding to fuel its U.S. growth. The company has already put a significant portion of the funding round toward acquiring ReviewAnalyst, its Texas-based rival.

YouTube Users Upload 48 Hours of Video Every Minute

YouTube’s users now upload more than two full days worth of video per minute, the video sharing site announced on its blog today. The announcement coincides with another usage record, as YouTube is now also seeing more than three billion video views per day.

2 Out of 3 YouTube Videos Are Ignored

Only about 30 percent of video assets on YouTube make up almost all video views on the site. Or, put another way: 70 percent of all YouTube videos are barely viewed at all. So does that mean that the dream of long tail content is over?

Cell Phones May Recall Your Memories Thanks to NFC

Most of the recent focus on near-field communications and RFID technology is targeted at mobile payments and advertising. One company, however, is thinking beyond the basics and using the tech to recall your memories — if you consider memories to be user-generated content from smartphones.

The iTablet: Let a Thousand Content Apps Bloom

What could a world of tablets bring? Not just better e-book readers or game machines, but an explosion of personally produced content, distributed by individual apps. But will Apple and Amazon seize that opportunity?