Smartphones, tablets changing in-flight entertainment

Wireless Internet access on planes is helping to make those long flights bearable, but so too are the influx of personal media devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy content in-flight and take it with you after landing!

Does Intel’s Light Peak Have a Place in Apple’s Future?

In September 2009, Intel demonstrated a new technology, dubbed Light Peak, that many were hailing as USB’s successor. Thirteen months later, and CNET predicts that Light Peak will be featured in new Macs in 2011 when it finally arrives. I’m not so sure about that.

Photos/Videos to Drive SuperSpeed USB Adoption

Digital cameras and camcorders will drive the adoption of SuperSpeed USB faster than any other segment, according to market research firm In-stat. SuperSpeed USB, a faster bus implemented in USB 3.0, provides a high-speed transfer mode reaching 5 Gbit/seconds, perfect for transferring HD video to computers.

AirStash — Flash Drive With Wi-Fi

The USB flash drive is so useful that it can’t be improved. That’s what I thought, anyway, until seeing the AirStash in action. Add wireless connectivity to a USB flash drive, along with a memory card slot, and you have the AirStash.

One Device to Charge Them All — Chargepod

One of the biggest hassles with traveling is carrying the power adapters for all the gear I bring. That includes a laptop, one or two phones, possibly a headset and a MiFi. If only one charger could handle them all. Enter the Chargepod.

USB 3.0’s Ramp-up: Can’t This Happen Faster?

Of all the connectivity technologies on the imminent horizon, USB 3.0 holds extraordinary promise. But although some devices based on it will debut at the upcoming CES show, we can’t herald the technology’s true arrival yet.

iPhone 3.0 Brings Tethering to 20+ Carriers…Except AT&T

As someone who has played with the betas of the iPhone 3.0 OS, I was excited to see the availability of tethering that would allow me to share the internet connection between my iPhone and my Mac. With 3.0 around the corner, the feature is coming, but not in the United States.

Targus 4-Port Bend-A-Hub

Targus, a company more popularly associated with its extensive line of laptop cases, also markets computer accessories. One of their newer introductions…