Motorola’s budget handset gets Android Lollipop before Nexus devices

Stellar news if you own the 2014 version of Motorola’s Moto G, an impressive budget handset that costs $180 unlocked. According to Arstechnica, the Moto G Android Lollipop update is now officially available for some unlocked Moto G handsets. The latest version of Android brings a new look, improved home screen notifications, and a whole lot of new handy features like Screen Pinning.

OS X should adopt more than just features from iOS

Rumors are circulating that features from iOS, like iMessage and AirPlay Mirroring, are on their way to Mac computers via OS X. That’s great, but Apple should think about taking things one step further, and bring the core update philosophy behind iOS to its desktop predecessor.

iTunes 10.5 now available ahead of iOS 5 launch

Apple has pushed iTunes 10.5, the latest version of its media management software, live for users to download via its official website. The latest version of iTunes brings support for iOS 5 and iCloud, as well as some small changes to the user interface.

Could Android ennui boost iPhone 5 sales?

The iPhone 5 is almost nearing release, and for some, it’s already better than the alternatives, sight unseen. There’s a few good reasons why Apple’s iPhone could turn the tide in its favor once again in the battle with Android, even without necessarily getting better.

Facebook iPad app looks to give us what we want

Facebook’s iPad app is no longer mere rumor and speculation, since a Twitter user found the full version hiding in the latest Facebook for iPhone update. It took them awhile, but it looks like Facebook will soon set things right for its iPad-toting users.

Get ready for Lion with OS X 10.6.8

Apple just released the latest update for Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6.8. Included in the update are countermeasures for the latest variants of the malicious Mac Defender software, improved support for IPv6, and enhancements for the Mac App Store in preparation for the upgrade to Lion.

Why an Updated iMac Is Worth the Wait

Rumors abound that Apple’s popular all-in-one desktop computer is set for an update in May, complete with Sandy Bridge processors from Intel and a new Thunderbolt port. It’s an upgrade that’s worth waiting for, maybe more so precisely because the iMac is a desktop.

Why I’ll Pass On This MacBook Pro Update

Today saw the release of refreshed MacBook Pro notebooks, and the new models aren’t without charm. Despite some impressive spec bumps, and the brand new Thunderbolt port, this generation ends up leaving me cold, although it does plenty to whet my appetite for what’s coming next.

Apple Introduces New MacBook Pros

As rumored, Apple today unveiled updates to its MacBook Pro line of computers. Early leaks revealed the specs of all the new models at least a day ahead of launch, and those leaks proved quite accurate. Here are the details of Apple’s new Pro notebooks.

How To Restore or Update Your Apple TV Software Over USB

The latest Apple TV has a built-in update function that downloads and installs new software, accessible via the device’s Settings menu. But if you’d rather not update over-the-air, you can always do it via USB through iTunes, and restore your device, too, if you’re having problems.

iOS 4.1 Now Update Available for Apple TV

The iPad, iPod touch and iPhone weren’t the only iOS-powered devices to get an update today. iOS 4.1 is available now for your Apple TV (current generation only), and it brings full AirPlay compatibility. That means you can stream content from your portable devices running 4.2.

iOS 4.2 is Here: This is What You Get

iOS 4.2 is now out in the wild, just waiting for you to plug in your device and hit the “Check for Updates” button. That is, if Apple’s servers can handle it. When you do manage to update your device, here’s what you’ll find.

Twitter App Update Brings Push Notifications

With version 3.2.1, Twitter’s mobile app for iOS devices brings push notifications, among other fixes and improvements. Push is a long-awaited update sure to excite tweeters everywhere. Previously, you had to utilize another app such as Boxcar to obtain real-time updates on Twitter happenings.

Apple Releases iTunes 10.1 [Updated: Remove Ping!]

Apple just pushed out iTunes version 10.1 via Software Update. The update brings the ability to use AirPlay to stream video from iTunes to the new Apple TV, the ability to sync with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices running iOS 4.2, and stability improvements.

Facebook iPhone App Update Brings Groups, Deals for Places

Facebook held a live media event today to show off a few new mobile initiatives, including an updated iPhone app. The update brings more Places features, including special deals for Places from participating retailers and restaurants, and support for the recently introduced Facebook Groups.

New York Times Finally Brings Full Content to the iPad

When the iPad launched, many expected the New York Times to follow-up its awesome iPhone app with an equally impressive version for Apple’s (s aapl) tablet. Instead we got “Editor’s Choice.” Now, the newspaper is making amends with a new iPad app with full content.

MacBook Air Supplies Run Low: New Model on the Way?

If you were waiting for Apple (s aapl) to finally update the MacBook Air before you bought a new notebook, you’re in luck. AppleInsider’s discovered that stock of the current versions of Apple’s ultra-portable is depleted, a good sign that something new is on the way.

Ping Gets Better, But is it Enough?

Apple’s first update to version 10 of its media player software iTunes brings some great improvements for Ping. It shows that Cupertino actually cares about the success of the product, and that it’s interested in what users have to say about its services.

iOS 4.1 Now Available

The wait for iOS 4.1 is over for iPod touch and iPhone users. Apple released the update around 2PM EDT today, and you can get it now by plugging your device into iTunes and clicking the “Check for Update” button if it doesn’t prompt you automatically.

iOS 4 on iPhone 3G: Fake Email Offers Real Hope

It appears that we have a new “Fake Steve Jobs” in our midst. This time ‘Steve’ is claiming via email that the apparent performance issues witnessed on iPhone 3G devices running the latest iOS 4.0 software will be addressed in an upcoming update to iOS 4.

Apple Updates iMac Lineup

The iMac lineup was updated this morning along with the Mac Pro and the new 27″ LED Cinema Display. The iMac now sports faster processors, memory, and graphics chips across the line and some new options like SSD drives that make them even faster.

OS X 10.6.3 Update Brings Record Number of Fixes

As predicted, an update to Apple’s Snow Leopard and Leopard operating systems, which fixes a record number of vulnerabilities, is now available. The sizable patch, which weighs in at over 700MB, tends to a number of known security problems within the latest client and server versions of OS X, and is the largest update Apple has ever put out.

iPad Weekend Rumor Roundup: Apps, Books and Accessories

This is it, we’re in the final stretch. In a mere five days the iPad arrives. Now that we’re counting down the remaining days in single digits, all manner of ‘leaked’ information is pouring out of the tech blog rumor mill.

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Theories On a Mac App Store

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