Enter the Matrix: The rise of brain-computer interfaces

I think, therefore I do

In 2012, a paralyzed woman with an investigational 96-electrode sensor the size of a baby aspirin implanted onto the surface of her brain was able to think about steering a robotic arm toward a canister with a straw in it, move the canister toward her mouth, tilt it so the straw fell into her mouth, and take a sip.

Deep sea internet could predict tsunamis University of Buffalo researchers are testing underwater devices that could transmit early warnings of tsunamis and other environmental events. Researchers dropped…

College in the mobile era: Campus tours via smartphone

Prospective college students are already using their mobile devices to upload Facebook photos, update Twitter, and text their friends. Now, colleges are beginning to use smartphones, too — as recruitment tools. YourCampus 360 is one company smartphones as platforms for a full-blown college tour and information business.

Angel Funding: Deals Are Up, Dollars Are Down

Angel investors are committing fewer dollars but spreading them out over more deals as they hunker down and look for exits, according to a new study, which found that total investments in the first half of 2010 fell 6.5 percent to $8.5 billion.

National Lampoon Acquires

Add it to the tab: Comedy media company National Lampoon has announced the acquisition of user-gen site The site, as th…

FCC Clears McDowell to Join Merger Vote

Late Friday FCC lawyers said that commish Robert McDowell could indeed participate in the review of the AT&T-BellSouth merger, a process McDowell…

Sell CPU Cycles To CPU Share

Seti@Home may have stopped looking for ET, but don’t tell that to recently launched CPUShare, a market place in CPU cycles. Will…