Amazon, Samsung throw UltraViolet a lifeline

Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative might not have gotten off to a great start. But things are looking up, as it’s added Amazon as a partner, and Samsung Blu-ray players will now let consumers add DVDs they’ve already purchased to their UltraViolet digital rights lockers.

UltraViolet reviewers hate Hollywood’s digital locker

What do consumers think about UltraViolet, Hollywood’s new attempt to preserve its physical disc business, curtail piracy and sell content without Apple’s help through a digital file locker? Judging from numerous reviews on Amazon.com, it looks like quite a few of them are pretty upset.

For Search Engines, Netflix Is the New DVD

Consumers are becoming less interested in owning content, and are moving to more convenient, on-demand, video solutions. Now, when trying to make home entertainment decisions, consumers are turning to Netflix instead of DVD, Redbox and even pirated copies of films online, according to Google search data.

Bad News for Studios: Viewers Prefer Rentals Online

Online video rentals are far outpacing the sale of digital movies online, which is bad news for studios hoping that digital distribution might make up for an anemic DVD market. Can the introduction of the DECE’s digital rights locker change consumer behavior?

What UltraViolet Must Get Right To Succeed

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem got off on the right foot with UltraViolet by rallying its base with a kickoff gathering of exec…

Will DECE’s UltraViolet Shine Bright? Or Will Consumers Get Burnt?

DRM has a new name, and that name is “UltraViolet.” The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem today announced the name for its “Buy Once, Play Anywhere” digital content framework, along with a consumer website in which consumers will be able to manage all their content and devices.