Look Ma! More Gesture Control Tech For Phones

Crunchfish, a Swedish app company, has built software for mobile phones that turns the phone’s camera into a mouse. It’s one of several efforts to bring gesture-control to phones, and an example of how far motion control technology has come in the last few years.

iPad Development Made Easy

Alongside the army of consumers and tech pundits waiting for a peek of the aptly named iPad, the over 25,000 strong development…

The Promise of Back-of-Device Interaction

When it comes to mobile devices and their displays, hardware makers tend to pay a lot of attention to the interface found on the front, but very little to what’s on the back. Some notable new research milestones could change that, however.

Which Way Is Up!?

Based on my time spent playing with the iPhone interface, I present to you my new term which represents a very serious…