Mr. Costolo goes to China

Twitter’s been banned in China for a good long time, so CEO Dick Costolo’s personal trip is raising lots of eyebrows.

Twitter launches emergency alert system

Twitter has launched a new emergency alert system that lets authorized agencies such as the police, fire department and other aid workers send messages to users in times of emergency.

Seven years of tweeting

I’ve been tweeting for seven years, ever since Twitter was launched, and it’s still an amazing thing to me.

Twitter’s Big Leap

In the summer of 2012, Twitter has shown that it wants to be much more than a social-media platform that allows users…

Twitter removes client sourcing for tweets on the web

Twitter has removed sourcing on individual tweets showing what clients were used to post them, a change that’s new on the web but has already existed on mobile, as the company works through its relationship with third-party clients on the ecosystem.

Twitter’s outages were caused by a ‘cascading bug’

The Twitter team reported on their blog Thursday evening that the day’s intermittent outages were caused by a cascading bug in one of its infrastructure components, not “a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today.”

Beyond search: Twitter joins the discovery wave

With the rise of social platforms and emergence of new mobile and connected devices, we have entered the post-search world and companies are finding ways to organize information around “knowledge” and “interests.” Today, Twitter is introducing a way to follow others based on interests.

Is Twitter A Newspaper, Or Is It The Phone Company?

Is Twitter a publisher and distributor of information like a newspaper, or is it just a dumb pipe like a telephone network? Lawyers in Australia seem to believe that a case could be made that Twitter is a publisher, like a newspaper, and therefore it can be sued for defamation as a result of a single tweet. That may be a stretch — especially in the United States, which has legislation that protects online commentary from such lawsuits — but it highlights the difficulties that Twitter could have as it tries to expand around the globe and into different legal environments.

The End Of Social Media 1.0

Follow us on Twitter.

Like us on Facebook.

And soon enough we’ll start seeing +1 or circle us on Google+.

I would like to talk about an…

The Lies Social Networks Keep Telling Themselves

Online social networks have been around for years, but most of them still make the same basic — and utterly incorrect — assumptions about the way we interact with each other. Whose fault is that, and how exactly do we fix it?

Twitter Arms Marketers With More Tools to Target Users

Twitter is arming marketers with more tools to help them target users with a new followers dashboard and the ability to aim messages at specific locations. The changes show how the company is working to make it easier for marketers to use the network to reach consumers.

Twitter Revamps As It Hunts for Money and Identity

Twitter is a company in search of a business plan and to a lesser extent an identity. But the company is quickly making strides on both fronts with new changes including a revamped home page, better search tools and new potential brand pages for companies.

How Social Media Is Pushing the Limits of Legal Ethics

As social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue gaining prevalence among mainstream America, they’re having a greater effect on the administration of justice in our court system, with everyone from jurors to judges skirting potential ethical lines.

Is Twitter Finally About to Cash in on Advertising?

Twitter could finally see its recent moves into advertising and other promotional tools start to pay off this year, according to new estimates from eMarketer. The consulting firm estimates the network’s ad revenue could top $150 million, more than triple what it made last year.

What Ayatollah Khamenei Can Teach Us About Twitter

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Barack Obama have all turned to Twitter to speak to their fans. But what does the fact that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is also using it — while disrupting the service for ordinary Iranians — have to tell us?

Twitter Adds Five New Content Partners

Twitter, which has been trying to get people to use instead of third-party Twitter clients, is now adding additional third-party…

Why We Need PageRank for the Social Web

The content web has lost its primacy as the source of information that matters. Instead, a person’s Facebook news feed or Twitter stream is becoming the place to go for people to tap into the web. So we need a new metric to measure that influence.

Yahoo To Offer A Facebook Connect-Like Service

It looks like Yahoo’s “social strategy” is going to go beyond integrating third-party services like Facebook and Twitter across its sites. T…

Saving Yahoo with a Social Strategy

Just about every company online should add some social spice to its site. In the case of Yahoo, where turmoil is reaching crisis proportions, an aggressive dose of social networking elements could help the former Internet giant maintain its huge audience and leadership position in advertising.

Video: Twidroyd for Android Gets Landscaped

Twitter for iPad gets attention due to the innovative way it displays multiple panes of information in landscape orientation. The latest version of Twidroyd for Android implements a similar landscape display that is a useful way to see previews of webpages linked in tweets.

Multiple Models for Social Media Businesses

No single strategy guarantees social media success. Twitter’s recent relaunch mirrors some of Digg’s tactics, but social services from Google and Apple take entirely different approaches. In other words, with multiple strategies available, there’s more than one way to win the social network game.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the New

Twitter today updated its web site to be faster and more modern. After the presentation was over, I had a chance to talk to Twitter product managers, executives and engineers about the new site. Here are some of the tidbits I learned.

Twitter Relaunches Web App

Twitter today announced a new version of at the company’s first-ever major press conference at its San Francisco headquarters. It is launching to some users today and will roll out to all users worldwide soon.

3 Tips for Enhancing Feed-Based User Interfaces

Feed-based UIs can deliver great user experiences when properly enhanced. For companies that offer information or communications services and are looking to implement feeds as UIs, there are a few additional features to consider when adding value to raw, time-based feeds.

Funding Slows For Twitter-Related Startups

Just over a year ago, we called attention to the big flow of funding going toward Twitter-related startups, noting that $23 million had been…

Value of Twitter Ecosystem Shrinks as Funding Falls

As Twitter focuses on building up its own services and applications, financing for pure-play Twitter-based startups has dropped sharply, according to CB Insights. The investment-tracking firm says figures show funding for Twitter apps and services has fallen by more than 50 percent over the past year.

Twitter Has 145M Users, Mobile Use Up 62 Percent

Mobile use of Twitter has climbed by more than 60 percent since April, when the company introduced its official iPhone client, Twitter CEO Ev Williams says. The service also has 145 million registered users, up almost 40 percent from the number it had four months ago.

How to Make Google Matter in Social Media

Google has had its share of social media flops, and many smart analysts now think the search just doesn’t have “social” in its nature. But the company’s announcement last week of real-time search shows what exactly Google should do to remain relevant in social media.

Guessing Apple’s Next Move

There’s a comfortable routine with an Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) announcement. A week before the press conference, the Cupertino, Calif.-based compa…

News Flash: Social Networks Are About Connecting People

This weekend may be remembered for questioning of the value of social networks, as Leo Laporte explained why he’s leaving Google Buzz behind. Are you not getting value out of social networks or are you trying to use them as tools for something they’re not?

Google, China and the Demands of Real-Time News

Reports of a Google blockage in China led to a storm of media coverage, but the reports turned out to be wrong. Does that mean the rush to report such events is misplaced? Not at all. Real-time news is a process, not a finished product.

When It Comes to Social Networks, Infrastructure Wins

Facebook is playing host to half-a-billion people. And one of the main (and unsaid) reasons it has been able to get there — its technical underpinnings. From thousands of servers to its own datacenter, Facebook knowns social web needs big beefy and superfast web infrastructure.

Twitter's Earlybird and the Challenge of Monetization

As Twitter has continued to grow, the company has been facing increasing pressure to monetize that user base. The latest attempt to do this — a special account called @earlybird that promotes discount offers — differs from Twitter’s other monetization efforts in an interesting way.

Twitter Hatching Another Baby Business Model?

After years of facing the insistent question “But how are you going to make money??” Twitter has opened the floodgates. The latest: Twitter is reportedly considering inviting users to pay for it to promote their Twitter accounts on its own site and on outside clients.

Twitter Brings Ads To Trending Topics

Advertisers now have a new way of advertising on Twitter. While ad messages — in the form of “promoted tweets” — previously only showed up…

Twitter Under Fire for Link-shortening Service Plans

Twitter is rolling out its own link-shortening service for the social network, partly for security reasons and partly so it can offer analytical services based on the data. But the new feature is coming under fire from developers, including a member of the Google Buzz team.

Twitter Continues Rapid Growth, Hits 2B Tweets in May

Just six months after hitting the one-billion-tweets milestone, Twitter has doubled that number, according to research by Royal Pingdom. Twitter’s chief operating officer Dick Costolo said recently that the service is seeing about 65 million tweets a day.

Twitter’s Search Director Leaves

Less than a year after joining Twitter as its first director of search, Doug Cook is leaving the company, the company tells TechCrunch. Tech…

The Details Of Twitter’s Ad Model

Twitter COO Dick Costolo laid out the details of Twitter’s new ad platform at the company’s Chirp conference this afternoon. What we didn’t…

Twitter Finally Unveils Its Ad Model

After months and months and months of speculation, Twitter is finally unveiling its long-awaited business model. Starting tomorrow, the comp…

Looks Like The Yahoo ID Still Has Clout

Amid the rise of Facebook and Twitter, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) seems in some ways like yesterday’s news. But does the portal have more sway than…

Twitter and the Power of Keeping Things Simple

Twitter, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, has grown to become a significant part of our lives online, with over 10 billion tweets posted and more than 50 million a day being added to that number. How did it get to this point? By being simple.

The Rise of the Web Introvert

The social web has given rise to all sorts of new behaviors and personalities, not least of them: the web introvert. And in time, they are going to present a problem to the growth of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Yahoo, Twitter Launching Broad Partnership

Not to be left out of the Twitter partnership spree, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is set to announce a deal with Twitter this evening to integrate the…

Twitter Buys Geolocation Startup Mixer Labs

Twitter is putting some of its recent big funding round to work; the company has purchased Mixer Labs, which provides services to developers…

Twitter May Be Profitable — No, Seriously!

Twitter, which has long been on the receiving end of jokes about its lack of business model and profits, is said to be profitable, reports Bloomberg, thanks to multimillion-dollar deals with search giants Microsoft and Google. But can those profits last? I don’t think so.

Live Tweets and News Now Starring on Google

Live tweets and news are now showing up on Google (s goog), if our recent search for”Iranian Cyber Army” is any indication. Google appears to alternate between tweets and news in a box in the upper half of its search results.

Google & Twitter Friend Connect, Facebook Yawns

In the battle to become the ultimate identity broker on the web, Facebook with its Facebook Connect feature has a clear — and significant — lead. Google, on the other hand, is an also-ran here and its partnership with Twitter doesn’t really change anything.

StockTwits Raises $3 Million In Second Round

Only seven months after raising $800,000 in a first round, StockTwits — which lets investors track conversations about stocks on Twitter –…

Twitter Premium Accounts Due By Year’s End

So how’s Twitter going to make any money? One of its biggest fans, British actor and polymath Stephen Fry, gave co-founder Biz Stone one ide…

Twitter Upgrades Its Search Engine

After months of saying that improvements were coming to its search engine, Twitter has announced a small but critical upgrade. In a blog pos… Gets $500,000 For In-Stream Twitter Ads, a one-month-old ad network that matches popular Tweeters with advertisers, has raised $500,000 in seed funding from VC firm GRP Partn…

Twitter Cracks Down On Spam

In its latest attempt to clean up the messages being sent across its site, Twitter is now letting users flag spammers by clicking a “report…

Facebook's Twitter EndRun: Coopetition

If you can’t buy them, then co-opt them! That seems to be the Facebook attitude towards Twitter. Facebook plans release a feature…

Twitter Report Card: Felicia Day

Whether you like it or not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and digital media and technology companies are eager to harness…

Twitter's Tipping Point

This past weekend, while walking around San Francisco’s Union Square shopping area, I decided to stop by at one of my favorite…

Are Social Web Sites Spoiling In-Person Conversation?

Who says social web sites improve friendships? For while they can undoubtedly help us meet new people and stay in touch, their effect on the way we converse with one another face-to-face can be decidedly negative. And in some ways they are ruining in-person conversation.

Twitter Traffic More Than Doubles In March

It’s not news that Twitter is popular. But new numbers from comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) quantify just how astonishing the service’s growth has bee…

Twitter Added 5 Million Users In March

It’s not news that Twitter is popular. But new numbers from comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) quantify just how astonishing the service’s growth has bee…

Twitter Denies Backing UK Agency

Everyone wants to be a part of Twitter-mania. But it seems that one UK start-up may have gone too far. Yesterday, it was reported that Twit…

Facebook: Population 200M, Faces an Identity Crisis

Facebook is facing an identity crisis. Zuckerberg & Co. have let themselves turn green with envy over the latest Silicon Valley phenomenon, Twitter — and in the process, have set out to mutate Facebook’s own DNA by bringing Twitter-style updates into its service. The result has been that Facebook has lost its intimacy, and is instead flooding us with a lot of white noise.

Google Links Up With Twitter — To Sell Ads

A new option for companies looking to boost their Twitter followings: Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is now letting advertisers stream their Tweets on…

Google May Buy Twitter. Or Not. But Why is Twitter So Hot?

Google may buy Twitter, or it may not, but one way or another, Twitter is hot. Politicians, TV anchors, actors, athletes, bloggers…everyone is tweeting. But there is more to Twitter than just hotness. It embodies three macro trends taking place on the web right now — in just 140 characters a tweet.

Twitter Gets Business Model For Third Birthday

Twitter has turned three years old, as noted by VentureBeat, and while last year was largely about fixing the service, this year will likely…

Text Ads On Twitter Raise Some New Questions

Twitter’s money-making plans are either imminent or on the back-burner, depending on which exec you ask. But the micro-blogging service has…

Why Twitter Shouldn't Sell

Sarah Lacy, as we were taping her Tech Ticker video show earlier today, asked me about San Francisco-based startup Twitter and its…

Reports: Twitter Looking To Raise More Money

Twitter is apparently in discussions with venture capitalists to raise more capital, TechCrunch reported today and MediaMemo confirmed. The…

Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Bill O

Who would have guessed that in the New Year, Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service, would be for the most part stable, but fall victim…

Twitter Warns Users About Phishing Scam

This weekend, Twitter admitted that it is the most recent target of a phishing scam, and warned users to be wary of messages that redirect t…

Facebook's Liquidity Troubles

Facebook has postponed its employees’ stock sale, perhaps indefinitely, the Wall Street Journal reports today.  Facebook’s postponement is an understandable bow to…