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Cox is latest to bring live TV to the iPad

Cox Communications is making live TV available on the iPad, with the release of a new app that lets subscribers watch shows in their homes. The Cox TV Connect app makes it the latest pay TV operator to extend its service to new devices.

First look: Spotify is coming to Roku

Spotify is close to launching a dedicated Roku channel, we’ve been told by a source familiar with both companies’ plans. The music subscription service could launch on Roku devices as early as next month. First screen shots of the channel’s UI look promising.

Like news, TV and games need their own app stores

With 500,000 apps for sale, standing out as a developer in Apple’s App Store is intimidating. Apple’s done some curation, but it could do much more by creating separate stores based on content themes, and perhaps creating new pricing models to go with it.

Samsung wants to own your first, second and third screens

With its latest Free the TV Challenge, Samsung is looking to extend its influence beyond just the TV with apps that create converged experiences among multiple devices. That could improve the experience for consumers and give them reason to buy some of its other products.

How Epix is investing in its future

Epix once had an edge over other cable networks, with a streaming offering to go along with its linear cable feed. But now that everyone’s on the TV Everywhere bandwagon, Epix continues to innovate, adding original programming and making videos available on a number of devices.

SageTV DVR app is coming to Boxee

Third-party developers have begun to work on a SageTV app for Boxee, bringing DVR functionality to the media player. The integration only works if users also run SageTV on a PC, but it could nonetheless be a big deal both for Boxee and SageTV’s fan bases.

Flingo is about to make your smart TV even smarter

Flingo hopes to add interactivity to the TV viewing experience, with technology embedded into TVs that can let web and mobile applications know what’s being watched on the big screen. The company is launching with its technology embedded on more than 5.7 million devices and counting.

NBC’s iPad app is a missed opportunity

NBC has introduced a new iPad app, giving viewers access to programming information and listings, pictures, games and promotional video clips from its shows. But the one thing that’s missing from the app is the one thing viewers will want the most: full-length TV episodes.

Viacom goes after Cablevision over iPad streaming

Viacom called a truce in its legal fight over Time Warner Cable’s iPad app, but now it’s going after Cablevision for streaming its channels to the device. Cablevision has shown it’s not afraid of these types of fights, which could mean a long legal battle ahead.

FCC’s Genachowski on broadband, retrans and TV apps

In a phone interview with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, we chatted about how he hopes to narrow the broadband adoption gap, why broadcasters and distributors should play nice in their retransmission negotiations and why AllVid is still important for the future of TV applications.

Motorola brings iPad and Android streaming in-house

Some operators are already introducing apps for the iPad that allow subscribers to watch live TV in the home. Motorola wants to make it even easier to do so, with a media streaming device that transcodes live TV into IP streams in the home.

Blinkx Is Coming to a TV Near You

Blinkx rolled out a new channel for Roku devices, making its index of premium videos available through the broadband set-top box. The video search and ad company is expanding to reach the big screen, taking videos from its content partners and displaying them on connected devices.

Cable’s Big iPad Fight: It’s All About Control

The big fight between Time Warner Cable and Viacom isn’t so much about whether or not cable companies should have to pay for broadband streaming rights to reach the iPad, but who has the right to decide how a cable network’s content is distributed.

Cable Nets Lose by Winning Time Warner Cable iPad Fight

Discovery, Fox and Viacom might have won their battle against Time Warner Cable, forcing the pay TV provider to pull their channels from its live iPad app. But in doing so, they’re losing viewers that might have actually used the app to watch their shows.

Watch Cricket On iPad, Roku, Boxee & PS3 With

All 49 matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup will be available live online, thanks to The company is making the matches available through a variety of platforms, including mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and various game consoles and connected devices.

It’s An App World — Cable Companies Just Live In It

Through a variety of TV apps and widgets, consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to choose what content viewers see when they turn on the TV. This has broad implications cable companies and TV programmers, who could soon lose the ability to control audiences.

Can TV Apps Save Niche Cable Networks?

WealthTV announced that its live video feed will soon be available to Roku users for $2.99 a month. While the announcement is a big win for Roku, it also underscores the need for independent cable networks to seek alternative methods of distribution beyond just cable TV.

BBC Says ‘No Thanks’ to Smart TV Fragmentation

The BBC has been overwhelmed by requests from consumer electronics manufacturers who want to add iPlayer apps to their TV platforms. As a result, the BBC Trust has announced that it will only build standard versions of the player, unless it is reimbursed for development.

Microsoft Exec: No Xbox App Store Coming Soon

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 seems like it would be a developer’s dream, with a huge install base and an audience interested in watching video services. But Microsoft has no plans to open the platform to outside developers, preferring a curated approach to adding services on the console.

Samsung May Deploy Google TV After All

Samsung could build TV sets with the Google TV Internet and video platform built in, despite concerns about the high cost of components necessary to run the software. The decision could come down to which content providers Google brings on board for the Android-based OS.

Vid-Biz: Apple TV, Samsung TV Apps, Google TV

Today on the Net: Apple’s new TV set-top box being announced tomorrow will reportedly have Netflix streaming available, Samsung plans to spend $70 million marketing connected TVs with apps and components necessary to run Google TV platform could increase the price of those devices by $300.

Why Over-The-Top TV Apps Will Win

While traditional cable apps are slow to progress, over-the-top app frameworks are set to explode. With the announcement of Google TV and the imminent arrival of a revamped Apple set-top box, TV apps in the living room will mostly likely be dominated by the OTT variety.

Samsung Launches $500K TV App Contest

Samsung announced this morning that it’s launching a contest in the U.S. to find innovative new apps for its connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Through the contest, Samsung will give away $500,000 to developers who come up with the best new TV apps.


Apple’s Path to the Living Room

Apple has a go-to-market problem with respect to the digital living room, but we believe an eventual push into the living room by Apple is both inevitable and necessary. The question for Apple is how to get there.

Why the World Needs Google TV

Google TV will could be revolutionary, but not for integrating the web into TV. Far more important than its built-in browser is Google’s ability to bring apps to the living room and to do it at a scale that will lead the TV app revolution.

TiVo Plugs Into Facebook, Twitter With Framechannel App

TiVo is partnering with Framechannel to bring content from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and some 1000 other sources to its DVR. However, don’t expect this to be a very interactive experience: Framechannel has been optimizing this content for digital picture frames and similar consumption-only media experiences.


Are You Ready for the TV Widget Revolution?

Broadband TVs are already trickling into the market, but they’ll kick off in earnest this holiday season as manufacturers from Vizio, Samsung, LG and more pack their TVs with gew-gaws. We’ll get our first sense of how interested in widget-enabled TVs consumers are this Black Friday, when select models go on sale. With televisions in 98.9 percent of U.S. homes, TVs are ripe for app-a-tizing, and consumers may already be primed to do more with their TVs than just watch them. But even with potential demand building, there are a few things that the TV manufacturers, widget platform makers and developers need to consider before this space can truly take off.