Trendyol takes Turkey with $26m from Kleiner Perkins

Meet Demet Mutlu, the 30-year-old founder and CEO of Turkey’s top fashion site, Trendyol. She’s used to breaking boundaries at home, but her latest achievement could be among the most important — confirmation that the site is Kleiner Perkins’ first investment in Turkey.

How to (and How Not to) Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’re reading this on Thanksgiving morning, then you probably already know what’s happening with your turkey this year. But if you’re slightly behind, or you just want to see what happens when the pyrotechnically-inclined experiment with deep fryers, this post is for you.

Turkish Government Blocking Access to Google Sites

According to several news reports, the Turkish government appears to have blocked access to some or all of Google’s services in that country. The blockage seems to be related to the government’s ongoing blockade of YouTube due to its hosting of videos critical of Turkey’s founder.