Instagram ads and the future of brand advertising

Instagram is a unique place and offers a unique experience, one that is hard to imagine with ads and commercial messages. And that day arrived last week. My reflections on what it mean for brand and display advertising.

What Tumblr’s sale means for New York startup ecosystem

The New York startup ecosystem will get a big boost from the $1.1 billion sale of Tumblr to Yahoo. The exit, one of the biggest New York has seen, shows that with content becoming important, New York is finding its footing on the startup stage.

In conversation with David Karp, CEO & Founder of Tumblr

Here are my notes from a conversation with David Karp, CEO & Founder of Tumblr. He talks about the social web, Tumblr’s place in this new Internet, the shift to mobile, the iPad Mini and how he has changed as a founder and entrepreneur.

How media companies can think more like startups

Many startups like Tumblr and Airbnb have become successful because they focused on filling a need that their founders had, and then turned that into a business, and there are a number of important lessons in that kind of approach for traditional media companies.


The business of mobile democracy

The political campaign market is being disrupted by mobile democracy platforms that integrate the mobile web, SMS, and big data to connect citizens with candidates and causes.

What Tumblr can tell us about the future of media

Just as Tumblr seems to be trying to imitate a mainstream media entity by hiring bloggers to cover political conventions, traditional media outlets are trying to become more Tumblr-like by adopting animated GIFs and other tools as a way of making their content more viral.

Google puts App Engine back online

Google says it resolved whatever ailed its platform as a service. It was Black Friday for the web with Tumblr, Dropbox and Google App Engine all going down. It was unclear if these issues were related and/or due to a broader systemic problem.

Whoopsie! Google App Engine goes down

It’s a bad week to stop sniffing glue — and to run big cloud services. Google App Engine took a hit Friday, just days after Amazon Web Services suffered another very public snafu.

Our RoadMap connected design conference is two weeks away!

GigaOM’s RoadMap conference is exactly two weeks from today and will feature speakers like Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen, Tumblr CEO David Karp, fuseproject CEO Yves Behar, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, The Obvious Corporation CEO Evan Williams, MINIMAL Founder Scott Wilson and many more.

Tumblr hires new sales chief to lead ad drive

Tumblr’s march toward self-sustainability requires more and more advertising, something the company has historically shunned. Now that it’s gotten religion on advertising, it’s bringing in a new ad sales chief Lee Brown from Groupon.

Tumblr iPhone app update offers speedier blogging

Tumblr’s iPhone app has gotten a major redesign that introduces more robust blogging features and new speed enhancements. Tumblr still doesn’t have a dedicated iPad app but the new 3.0 update should provide a lot of improved functionality for fans of the mobile app.

Greplin reinvents itself as Cue, organizes your Internet life

Greplin is getting a facelift and a new name, Cue, a moniker reflecting its new shift away from personal data search toward personal data organization. Rather than merely searching your linked accounts, Cue is now proactively organizing that data into an intelligent snapshot of your day.

Fred Wilson on why he doesn’t invest in media

In an interview at paidContent 2012 in New York, venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures said he has stayed away from media investments, and believes that the future for content providers lies in connecting directly with consumers through platforms like Kickstarter.

The Carr-Benkler wager and the peer-powered economy

Is the web run by large corporations, or is it powered primarily by peer-to-peer networks? That’s the question behind one of the longest-running wagers of the modern web era — a six-year-old bet between author and web sceptic Nick Carr and Harvard professor Yochai Benkler.

How Tumblr plans to attract brands & their money

Tumblr is finally ready to start opening the doors to brands and will begin with a new tool for placing branded Tumblr posts into its Radar feature starting May 2, said Tumblr founder David Karp, speaking at the Ad Age Digital Conference.

Tumblr’s challenge: finding money in sparking creativity

Tumblr CEO David Karp said the company is looking to make its mark by enabling creators to express themselves. It’s also in a bid to start monetizing the service. But Karp believes these two goals can converge, with Tumblr making money by empowering creators.

What we can learn from a young boy’s cardboard arcade

The viral video of a nine-year-old boy who built a magical arcade out of cardboard at his father’s auto-parts business in Los Angeles has a lot to say about the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity that fuels much of what we write about at GigaOM.

Twitter gobbles up Posterous team

Twitter announced it has acquired blogging and sharing platform Posterous in what appears to be acquisition of talent. No details about the acquisition were released but Posterous Spaces will remain up and running for the time being, though it’s unclear how long that will last.

Tiny Review: Instagram + Yelp + Twitter FTW!

Tiny Review is a photo-sharing app with a twist: instead of adding filters and sharing with your social network a la Instagram, Tiny Review makes it easy for users to add up to three short lines of text to their photos.

Engagio wants to be your one-stop social inbox

Engagio, which launched on Wednesday backed by seed funding from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and other angel investors, pulls in comments and replies from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and a number of other social services and sites to create a one-stop social dashboard.

How Tumblr went from wee to webscale

Tumblr hits 500 million page views a day, deals with 40,000 requests per second and sends more than a terabyte of data into its Hadoop cluster. Here’s how it went from nothing to a startup that needed to serve 15 billion page views a month.

How the social web saved a young entrepreneur’s life

Thanks to an almost unprecedented grass-roots awareness campaign conducted by his friends through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other social media over the past three months, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Amit Gupta was able to find a compatible bone-marrow donor whose cells could help him conquer acute leukemia.

Gnip and WordPress deepen ties, expand data partnership

Exclusive. Gnip is making it very clear it’s not just about Twitter anymore. The company, which provides aggregated API access to a variety of social media streams, has significantly expanded its partnership with Automattic, the company that runs WordPress.com.

Hands on with Blogger for iPhone

Google added yet another app to its stable of software for the iPhone on Thursday. This time, it’s the official Blogger app, which lets users publish and edit posts to Google’s blogging service. But with no shortage of competition, is there anything special about this app?

Real time and the evolution of the news story

Most mainstream news websites still look like newspapers because most of them still approach the journalism they do in a traditional way — and until they embrace the idea of real-time and “news as a process,” the way that their websites look is unlikely to change.

The competitive prospects of Google+

GigaOM conducted a survey over the Fourth of July weekend of GigaOM readers regarding Google+’s chances for success, its competitive weapons and its likely impact on the competitive social media environment. Here’s a snippet of what we discovered about the prospects for Google’s latest social venture.

Is Tumblr the new Facebook or the new MySpace?

Tumblr, the combination blogging platform and social network, continues to grow at a phenomenal rate — racking up more than 8.4 billion pageviews a month, which puts it in the top 25 sites in the world. But will it ever figure out how to make money?

Spike TV gets social for the Guys Choice Awards

Spike TV is teaming up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shazam, Foursquare, Tumblr, Smilebooth, GetGlue and GroupMe for its Guys Choice Awards show. The social media blitz is designed to raise awareness and increase tune-in while also tapping second-screen apps to help drive engagement with viewers.

Should you nuke your blogs like Steve Rubel did?

Steve Rubel, a VP of digital strategy at Edelman, recently moved his blog to Tumblr and deleted all of his old posts. He says Google is paying more attention to social signals now, and so a social platform is more important than just having a blog.

MTV Taps Social Networks In Movie Awards Blitz

MTV is betting big on social media to drive viewers to its big movie awards show. The cable network, which has increasingly tapped into social networks, plans to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr in a social media blitz during this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards.

For Millennials, Social Media Is Not All Fun and Games

It’s not exactly news that the Millennial Generation (loosely defined as people born between 1980 and 2000) spend a lot of time on websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. But according to recent research findings, the constant social networking isn’t all fun and games.

Why Oversharing Can Help Startups

More than half the employees at web video start-up Blip.tv are active Tumblr users, which has created a public awareness of the company’s internal culture. It’s a unique example of how corporate communications can incorporate social media, but would it work for any ol’ start-up?

Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead

A New York Times story says that blogging is on the decline, especially among young people, who are using social networks like Facebook instead. But blogging is arguably still growing rapidly — it’s just that the form it is taking is evolving in different ways.

Tumblr Confirms $30 Million Funding Round

Micro-blogging service Tumblr has raised $30 million in new funding with backing from Sequoia Capital, Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital. The latest funding, which follows up on Mathew’s report last month that the company had raised another round, brings Tumblr’s total to about $45 million.

Bubblicious? Tumblr Raises Huge New Funding Round

Tumblr, the web-publishing platform that has seen spectacular growth over the past several months, has landed a huge new round of funding led by veteran Sand Hill Road VC firm Sequoia Capital that values the three-year old, New York-based startup at about $135 million.

What Do Groupon, RadiumOne and Tumblr Have in Common?

In Silicon Valley, there’s an elite group of companies whose valuations defy gravity. These are companies with momentum, whether real or perceived: Zynga, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Add Groupon, RadiumOne, Tumblr, Cloudera and RightScale to this list. Plus, they are all in the money.

Tumblr Gets More Money, Now It Just Has to Make Some

Blogging platform Tumblr has raised another round of financing from its existing venture backers, Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures, putting pressure on the company to start generating revenue. It is exploring various options, but founder David Karp has said that he is “opposed to advertising.”

Media-related Venture Activity Is in Bloom in NYC

New York is the capital of media, advertising, and finance, but historically Silicon Valley and Boston have overshadowed New York’s efforts to encourage and fund technology entrepreneurs. In the past two years, this has changed, especially when it comes to media-related ventures.

App Review: Tumblr — Collect Every Moment Wherever You Go

[appreview] title=Tumblr image=http://gigapple.wordpress.com/files/2009/03/picture-120.png price=FREE url=http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=305343404&mt=8 rating=bronze [/appreview] Developed by Mobelux, and formerly known as Tumblrette, the official Tumblr iPhone app has now…