Is mobile dating the new ride sharing?

Silicon Valley has always been ground zero for predicting the latest mobile trends — just look at the runaway success of Uber. But given how many singles are finding love via mobile app these days, are we entering the age where mobile dating is the must-do trend in the Valley?

Can watching Twitter trends help predict the future?

Researchers are busy trying to use Twitter to predict everything from disease outbreaks and financial markets to elections and even revolutions. New research from Topsy Labs shows that Twitter can provide a window into events like the Arab Spring. But can it predict what will happen?

The 12 Apples of Christmas

With all the rumors, announcements, keynotes, and online drama, 2010 has been a banner year for Apple. The 12 days of Christmas start after Christmas day, so in the spirit of that tradition, here’s a look at what was and what’s to come for the company.

Earthquakes, Bieber and iPads: Apple’s Year in Web Trends

The three biggest names in global web trends – Google, Facebook and Twitter – have released their top ten lists for 2010. In lists filled with global recession worries and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Justin Bieber) it says a lot that Apple is still popping up everywhere.

Top Twitter Trend for 2010: No, It Wasn’t Justin Bieber

Although 2010 isn’t over yet, Twitter has come out with the top trending topics for the year, and surprisingly enough, Justin Bieber — the guy who is so popular that Twitter had to modify the way it calculates trending topics — didn’t take the top slot.

iTunes Rewind 2010 Highlights Top Apps, App Trends

Apple’s year-in-review iTunes Rewind special section of the iTunes Store went live today, and the App Store selections in particular give a good overview at the year that was for iOS software. Here’s a look at the big winners, and some interesting trends.

Speech Therapy

Voice recognition software mini-giants Scansoft and Nuance are tying the knot in a $221 million merger. Maybe finally the damn technology will…