Tremor Media

Transpera Team Lands At YuMe

Last month, online video ad network Tremor Media added some mobile capabilities through its acquisition of Transpera. But many former members of the Transpera team are now at Tremor competitor YuMe to help improve its mobile ad platform.

Tremor Raised $65M for Scanscout Acquisition

Tremor Media has raised an additional $65 million in financing, according to an SEC filing, on top of $80 million it had raised since being founded in 2004. While details are sparse, the funding could be related to the November acquisition of rival ad network Scanscout.

Tremor Media Ties Up With ScanScout

Were you wondering what Tremor Media was going to do with that $40 million it raised earlier this year? Well now you know: it has acquired rival ScanScout in a deal that will make it the second-largest online video ad server in the U.S.

Where's the Money in Online Video?

The sharp growth in online video viewing, increasing availability of TV online, and proliferation of high-quality, web-originated content has made it easy to point the arrow for online video advertising up and to the right. But entrepreneurs and creative types should worry that industry watchers are now cutting their revenue growth expectations for online video based on factors other than the shaky U.S. economy.