Obama en Español: PBS brings SOTU to the world

Video of President Obama’s State of the Union speech has already been translated into seven languages, and additional translation efforts are underway online. The multi-lingual captioning efforts are the result of an election year partnership between PBS Newshour, Universal Subtitles and Mozilla.

Smartling gets $10M to expand crowdsourced translations

Smartling, a New York City-based start-up focused on enabling websites and apps to go multilingual, has raised $10 million to ramp up its localization tools. The company offers crowdsourcing tools for websites and apps to quickly and easily add additional language support.

Google Goggles Now Translates Text in Pictures

If you had any doubt that we are living in the future, Google today introduced visual translation tools for use with a camera phone. Specifically, the new version of its Google Goggles app can recognize pictures of words written in five languages and rapidly translate them.

Your Next Smartphone Could Be a Universal Translator

Could your smartphone one day allow you to speak to anyone in their native language? It would probably take a client-server setup like the one Microsoft is demonstrating. This Translating Telephone prototype offers near-real-time translation that could end up in your future handset.