Cisco: Cloud traffic fast approaching the zettabyte era

According to data released today as part of Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, traffic over data center networks will reach 4.8 zettabytes a year by 2015, and cloud computing will account for one-third of it, or 1.6 zettabytes. That’s more than all the Internet will handle.

Twitter offers analytics to try and prove its value

Twitter’s launch of an analytics dashboard that shows who is interacting with a site’s content and when is clearly designed to try and prove to advertisers and publishers its effectiveness as a distribution and engagement platform, as Twitter tries to monetize its growing network.

Verizon Not Yet Breaking a Sweat Over iPhone Traffic

Verizon’s network is doing fine under the additional strain of new iPhones, according to research performed by web application performance firm Compuware Gomez. In fact, Verizon’s mobile data performance is virtually the same as it was before the iPhone’s introduction.