Aereo’s Barry Diller sues to squash copycat BarryDriller

Aereo, a technology that uses tiny antennas to let people watch TV on the go, has already generated a flurry of lawsuits. Now the man behind Aereo is suing a copycat service for using his name. The disputes highlight disruptions to the traditional TV industry.

Apple digs in to protect ‘app store’ name

Apple is doubling down on efforts to protect the term “app store” at a time when it feels increasingly threatened by Amazon’s push into the app and mobile market. Amazon’s Appstore for Android is much smaller than Apple’s App Store but it brings in good revenue.

Apple, Proview in talks to resolve iPad trademark fight

Apple could be closer to resolving its legal troubles surrounding the iPad in China. On Friday, a report emerged that Apple and Proview Technology, the company that claims it owns the iPad trademark in China, have volunteered to meet outside of court to talk possible options.

Apple fights for iPad trademark in China’s largest city

Apple continued its trademark battle over iPad in China Wednesday in Shanghai, China’s largest city and one of the most important places for Apple to sell devices. Proview wants to ban the iPad from stores while Apple argues selling them is in China’s best national interest.

New headache for RIM: Trademark lawsuit over BBX name

Research In Motion has another headache with a trademark lawsuit over its new BBX operating system name. Basis International, a New Mexico software company, has followed up with threats against RIM with a lawsuit claiming that it owns the trademark to the BBX name.

Why Microsoft’s “App Store” Block Attempt Will Fail

The Financial Times reports today that software publishing behemoth Microsoft has filed a motion with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week, objecting to Apple being awarded the trademark “App Store.” But upon what ground does that claim really rest?

How Far Will Twitter Go To Police Its Brand?

When it comes to enforcing their trademarks, plenty of tech companies have been quite aggressive, even to the point of being accused of over…

Tablet to be Called iSlate?

So, after years of speculation, debate and rumor-upon-rumor, the mythical tablet device from Apple (s aapl) is, it seems, here. In a…