Exclusive: A First Look at AT&T’s LTE Network

On Wednesday I had the chance to visit AT&T’s Foundry space and got a demonstration of the carrier’s LTE network that was running in that facility. The verdict: it was fast with download speeds of almost 29 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps.

Ka-Ching! Shopping Drives the Touch-Friendly Mobile Web

There’s a huge difference between the mobile web and the touch-friendly mobile web. Why is that important? Every touch device is a potential sale for e-commerce, a category that commands the majority of touch-friendly sites. Build an old-school mobile portal and you might lose a sale.

Amazon Buys Touchscreen Startup: Report

Faced with aggressive competition from Apple, Amazon is stepping up its hardware game. According to the New York Times, it has bought a small pre-product startup called Touchco and plans to merge it with its Kindle hardware division, Lab126. Two words: touchscreen Kindles.