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7 stories to read this weekend

What’s on the menu? Killer Drones, the man who mastered them and another who uses them; 20,000 warcrimes later; the rise of the machines and are we becoming puppets of a wired world. Plus, who is Marty Sullivan? Hint: Ask Tim Cook.

Quarterly Wrap-up

Connected Consumer second-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook

The shift in consumer media consumption from fixed, dedicated platforms to open, IP-based platforms caused problems for both in the second quarter. The period also saw a courtroom showdown between Apple and the Justice Department over ebook prices and a set-back for 3DTV.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

Well no one saw this one coming: a comparison between Steve Ballmer and Tim Cook; the Future of Television according to Netflix; 3D printers and guns; plus Touchscreen Toddlers and San Francisco’s real estate inflation are some of topics covered this week.

Apple in India: a lost opportunity?

Apple is enamored with China — and rightfully so. However, in not paying attention to India, it has allowed world’s second-largest mobile market to become a mostly Android phenomenon, leaving upper end of the market to Samsung. Wrong strategy, if you ask me.

Apple CEO says China will be its biggest market

Tim Cook told China’s state-run news agency that he sees the country becoming its largest market. He’s not just flattering his hosts: the greater China region represents about 15 percent of Apple’s total revenue, bringing in $23.8 billion during Apple’s fiscal 2012.

What we’ll see in 2013 from Apple

From a further fragmented iPhone, to smart watches, Jony Ive’s heightened influence and defusing the thermonuclear patent wars, we take a look at the people, themes and products to watch for from Apple in the coming year.

The GigaOM Quiz: test your tech knowledge

Pop quiz: what secrets were revealed at the Apple-Samsung trial? Who shunned Microsoft’s mobile software back when it mattered? What had folks tweeting up a storm this year? Find out below.

Apple’s new mission: retaining happy employees

CEO Tim Cook is adding more employee perks, including personal time for projects. If these “perks” sounds rather run-of-the-mill to you, it’s because they are — for many modern companies. It’s yet another move by Cook to turn Apple into a more “normal” company.

Patent peace: Apple, HTC settle all outstanding litigation

Apple and HTC have agreed to settle all outstanding patent litigation between the two companies, signing a ten-year licensing deal but not disclosing financial terms. The settlement ends one of the most prominent battles over Google’s Android smartphone operating system.

Without a leader, what’s next for Apple retail?

Whoever Tim Cook chooses to run Apple retail has big implications for future growth and Apple’s valuable brand. While the timing of the search — heading into the holiday sales season — isn’t ideal, the decision also represents a big opportunity for Apple’s image.

From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout

Scott Forstall, the deposed iOS chief, has been a divisive figure inside Apple. His exit from Apple is likely to have an impact on the company’s stock price when the markets re-open. How are Apple insiders feeling about his exit? I asked a few of my sources.

Make no mistake: it’s Tim Cook’s Apple now

Cook’s decision to let Scott Forstall go from his his position leading iOS software from Apple after a major misstep involving Maps shows that Cook is unafraid to remake Apple into a company that works for him, not just for Steve Jobs.

Apple releases iBooks 3, expands to more countries

At Apple’s iPad Mini launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company also announced updates to its e-reading platform, iBooks. In addition, Apple is reportedly expanding the iBookstore to 18 more countries, including many in Latin America.

Why the tech industry needs to let Steve Jobs rest in peace

Tomorrow will mark a year since the death of Apple’s founder. Yet our industry still proclaims what he would think or do in any situation. We should follow the example of Tim Cook: while aiming to preserve Apple’s legacy, he’s still looking to the future.

Why Apple took the risk with Maps

As the mobile game is shifting from hardware to services, Apple needs to have more deep services of its own, rather than relying on competition. And maps is an important control point for the company.

Report: Apple, Google CEOs’ talk could mean possible patent truce

The impetus for these talks was reportedly Apple’s landmark victory in its Samsung patent case last Friday. Apple hasn’t sued Google directly for infringing on iOS patents with Android, but a jury found very easily that Google’s most important and most successful Android customer did.

One year in: What we’ve learned about CEO Tim Cook

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Tim Cook stepping into the most challenging role in tech history: following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO. Here’s a look at what we’ve learned about him in the past year, and what we still have yet to see.

Apple exec: We should do a 7-inch tablet

Apple executive Scott Forstall was asked to read an email in court Friday sent to him, CEO Tim Cook and others by fellow Apple executive Eddy Cue in January 2011 in which Cue said he believed there was a market for a 7-inch iPad.

Apple’s retail ops unpeeled: How sales relate to pay

With $5,647 per square foot sales, nearly twice that of Tiffany’s, Apple’s a high-end retail player that pays like its products sell themselves and has so many applicants, it can afford to do just that. At some point, though, retention may pay off more.

Facebook gets much-needed boost from new friend Apple

Sceptics have raised concerns recently about Facebook’s ability to show continued revenue growth, particularly in the mobile market, but the social networking giant just got a big boost in that area from Apple, which has integrated Facebook’s features into the new version of its operating systems.

Here’s why Apple didn’t open up Apple TV

Apple was supposed to give third-party developers access to the Apple TV SDK today, enabling them to build apps for the TV platform. That didn’t happen, and for good reason: Apple platforms are a numbers game, and Apple simply doesn’t feel like playing yet.

Tim Cook’s Apple: the one Apple story to read today

Fortune’s cover story on Cook this week sketches a fascinating portrait of how Tim Cook is making his mark on Apple: Wall Street loves him, employees aren’t scared of him, he talks to Washington, and he’s still overseeing great new products, according to people who’ve seen them.

Apple-Samsung patent fight gets its Law & Order moment

The ongoing patent battle between the dominant smartphone providers, is about to get its prime-time drama moment, when the CEOs of Apple and Samsung will reportedly be brought before a U.S, federal judge for mediation on Monday. Get ready for Law & Order: Silicon Valley.

Foxconn: Apple will help pay to make working here better

A Reuters report says Apple will be using some of its billions to help improve working conditions at some Foxconn plants. It’s an unexpected move for Apple, but one that’s starting to indicate a pattern in CEO Tim Cook’s short time at the company’s helm.

Apple’s Cook: ‘I’ve always hated litigation’

Is Apple Tim Cook finally weary of the stress and financial toll of maintaining mobile patent suits in courtrooms around the world? In perhaps his strongest public comments yet on the mobile patent disputes, Cook made his distate for litigation clear.

Apple, Samsung CEOs agree to face-to-face settlement talks

Apple and Samsung are closer than ever to a possible settlement in their long-running legal showdown over smartphone and tablet technologies. The both companies agreed to send their respective chief executives and general counsel to meet face-to-face in the next 90 days.

Why Google isn’t worried about Android revenue

All this talk about how much money Google may or may not have made off of Android misses the point. Google’s decision to enter the mobile operating system battle wasn’t primarily about money — it was about ensuring competition in the next great personal computer market.

Apple CEO suits up at Foxconn factory

Tim Cook is in China, but it’s not just to shake hands with foreign leaders and executives. On Wednesday, Cook took a tour of a new iPhone factory owned by its contract manufacturer Foxconn in Zhengzhou, China, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Apple supplied photos.

What Tim Cook is doing in China

On Monday Apple CEO Tim Cook met with government officials to talk “investment” in the country. This kind of trip to China is something Steve Jobs didn’t do, but China’s importance to Apple has changed drastically in just the last couple years.

With dividend, Tim Cook thinks differently about Apple

In his short tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has put his own stamp on Apple. Though it may not have been in Steve Jobs’ playbook, Cook has chosen to put the company’s enormous cash pile to work through a dividend and share buyback.

Apple to spend $45B of cash on dividend, share buyback

After being nagged about it for years by Wall Street, Apple on Monday said it has decided to cut into its significant cash reserves by offering a dividend of $2.65 per share each quarter, starting with the company’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2012, July 1.

Apple enters the 4G age; will carriers return the favor?

Apple finally gave the wireless industry the 4G device it’s so long been craving. Even more importantly, LTE connectivity in the new iPad virtually assures similar treatment in the next iPhone. Apple has stepped up; now it’s the operators’ turn to lower mobile data prices.

Apple: No dividend & we’re not buying Greece

At its annual shareholder meeting today in Cupertino, Calif., Apple did not reveal much of anything new. While it was CEO Tim Cook’s first such meeting since taking over as CEO, the biggest news was what didn’t happen: there was no dividend for shareholders announced.

Apple supplier auditors send mixed messages about Foxconn

It’s been less than a week since Apple sent independent auditors to evaluate its third-party factories in China. The auditors have publicly given hints about what they’re finding, but aren’t getting into specifics. On Friday they told Bloomberg they were finding “tons of issues” at Foxconn.

Apple CEO Cook: The iPhone now casts the halo over the iPad

It’s kind of amazing to consider how passé the iPod, the gadget that defined a decade of music, has become at Apple: the iPhone is the now the halo maker, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook’s vision for Apple, and its cash

At Goldman Sachs’ investor conference Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some rare color on how he views not only his own job as Steve Jobs’ successor, but also his views on the company’s $98 billion cash pile.

Apple shares hit $500 and keep going

Apple stock hit an all-time high of $503.83 in early trading Monday, surpassing the magic $500 mark. It has since gone back down a bit, and at the time of publishing, AAPL was at $499.22. The stock has gone steadily upward since Tim Cook became CEO.

Is Apple ready to issue a dividend?

With $100B in cash, there have been quite a few whispers about an Apple dividend, starting when Tim Cook officially become CEO. But after years of wishful thinking on the part of longtime investors in Apple, it’s starting to look like it could actually happen soon.

What Wall Street is saying about Apple’s record quarter

Apple’s record quarter is prompting a lot of analysts and Wall Street watchers to up their estimates for the stock’s performance. A slew of investor notes released Wednesday suggest few believe Apple’s fortunes have reached their apex. Investors seem to agree, as Apple’s stock opened strong.

After China, Apple has its eye on Brazil

China is Apple’s second-most-important market after the U.S. But when it comes to finding other new emerging markets to sell its wares, Apple has its eye on Brazil. CEO Tim Cook spoke of the country’s growing importance during Apple’s quarterly earnings call on Tuesday.

Why Apple TV is finally starting to matter

The Apple TV sold 1.4 million units during the holiday quarter, about half of what Apple sold in the entire year prior. While it’s far from a mass-market device, its sales numbers show that even in a relatively small market, Apple dominates the competition.

Apple “actively discussing” what to do with $98B cash pile

Steve Jobs wouldn’t hear of a dividend or share buyback. But under the Tim Cook regime, it appears things might change. Apple hasn’t made plans public of what it will do with its $97.6 billion in cash, but the company is currently discussing the matter internally.

Want to go Inside Apple? Read this book

For the second time in three months a book is set to appear that endeavors to explain the “magic” and mystery of why Apple can do what it does. On Wednesday, Inside Apple, by Fortune reporter Adam Lashinsky, will be released. Here is our review.

For Jobs, a $1 salary. For Cook? $1.4 million

Apple released its proxy materials ahead of its annual shareholder’s meeting Monday. Contained in the small print is lots of detail about the compensation of its most important executives and board members, including a note about the big raise that CEO Tim Cook got in November.

Larry Page, CEO of the year? You kidding me?!

Investor’s Business Daily has named Google’s Larry Page “CEO of the year” eight months after he took over for Eric Schmidt. Talk about being premature. There is no doubt he has made many moves, but it is not clear if those moves are going to pay off.


The future of notebooks: Following in the footsteps of the MacBook Air

There’s no denying Apple’s MacBook Air has been a solid hit with consumers: In March, reports indicated the company had sold 1 million in the two months following the major Oct. 2010 upgrade. And sales don’t seem to be slowing down, which begs the following question: Is the MacBook Air the peak of notebook design?

Live blog: Apple’s iPhone event begins at 10 a.m.

Apple executives will take to Town Hall stage at the company’s campus in Cupertino, Calif. Tueday morning to at long last “talk iPhone.” Follow along with us here for live, up-to-the-minute updates about all the hardware and software revelations beginning at 10 am PT.

Weeks into Apple CEO tenure, Cook gets charitable

Since Tim Cook took over as CEO for Steve Jobs, conventional wisdom has dictated that it would be business as usual at Apple. But it’s becoming clear Cook has some of his own ideas over how to run the company, starting with a new charitable-matching program.


Flash analysis: Steve Jobs

We witnessed the end of an era this week. Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple’s charismatic leader has had, and will continue to have, an incredible impact on Apple’s image. But will this shift in power drastically alter the company, or will Apple continue its fiery trailblazing path of success? We interviewed GigaOM readers to get their thoughts about Apple’s future and whether its mystical aura will vanish — or at least diminish — along with Steve Jobs’ departure.

What will Apple under CEO Tim Cook look like?

It’s a question many in tech have pondered: What would happen to Apple without Steve Jobs as CEO? Now that the iconic businessman and CEO of Apple officially resigned as CEO, we look at how elevating COO Tim Cook to CEO will–and won’t–bring changes.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO

Steve Jobs has stepped down as Apple CEO, according to a letter penned by Jobs himself and issued as a press release by the company. Jobs says he wants to remain as chairman of the board, as well as a director and employee of the company.

Breaking: Steve Jobs resigns. Tim Cook new Apple CEO

Steve Jobs, a remarkable man and a maverick CEO today resigned from the top job at Apple, making way for Tim Cook, currently company’s COO. Jobs wants to be the chairman of the company as he battles with his illness. It’s an end of an era.

How the iPad is driving Apple’s business

When Apple released its third-quarter 2011 earnings results Tuesday, the numbers were, as is becoming almost customary for the Cupertino crew, a huge blow-out. Success was spread over many parts of the business, particularly the company’s flagship products. But those iPad results? Those were fairly stunning.

Verizon iPhone: Death Grip No More?

When Verizon finally announced its very own, CDMA-friendly iPhone yesterday, we wondered whether it would have the same reception problems a…