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Patch’s new math: the painful path to profit

Patch, the networks of sites that was supposed to bring local news to every community in the country, is set to shrink significantly. This reveals – again – why the business for local news business online doesn’t work.

How video will provide a third act for AOL

AOL has been a basket case for years as it tried to figure out if was a tech or a content company. But today it announced earnings and a strategy that suggest it may finally have found a way forward.

Aol tells a better earnings story for Q2

Aol has been in turnaround mode for years — this time, it looks like the turns are in the right direction. Advertising up, revenue decline almost flat, subscription churn lowest in a decade, latest re-org underway.

Tim Armstrong isn’t selling TechCrunch

Now that Arianna Huffington is no longer in charge of the tech properties at AOL, what does the future hold for TechCrunch and Engadget? Not a sale, says CEO Tim Armstrong. Instead, he plans to invest in scaling the brands.

Does AOL need HuffPost more than HuffPost needs AOL?

Arianna Huffington says everything is fine at AOL and she doesn’t mind having her power reduced, but she also admits that private-equity firms have raised the idea of a spin-off of Huffington Post. Could this be the beginning of the end for the faded former portal?

Tim Armstrong may have saved AOL, but at what cost?

Just over a year after AOL acquired the Huffington Post, much of the integration between the two is being unwound, and control over key elements of the business are reverting to founder Arianna Huffington. Should AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong be watching his back?

Key AOL executive Brad Garlinghouse to leave

Brad Garlinghouse, President of the Applications and Commerce Group and head of AOL’s Silicon Valley operations is leaving the beleaguered online service, AOL according to multiple sources. Garlinghouse is well known in Silicon Valley as the author of the Yahoo Peanut Butter Manifesto.

How long can AOL stay committed to Patch?

AOL has said it remains committed to rolling out its Patch.com network of a thousand hyperlocal news outlets across the U.S., but reports about cost-cutting efforts raise the question of how long the troubled former web giant can maintain that commitment to its money-losing hyperlocal project.

A merger between AOL and Yahoo: You’ve got fail?

The idea that AOL might want to merge with Yahoo — as a news report on Friday said it does — isn’t surprising, since the company has tried to arrange a similar deal at least twice. The only question is which metaphor for failure should apply.

AOL stock is crushed after it postpones turnaround, again

After releasing its earnings for the latest quarter, AOL’s stock fell by as much as 30 percent at one point on Tuesday. Why? Because while it showed some revenue growth, the company said the turnaround investors have been waiting for is still a long way off.

Can Patch Become the Huffington Post of Local News?

AOL continues to pour money into its Patch.com “hyperlocal” news venture, and is also rolling out a Huffington Post-style aggregation effort called Local Voices aimed at pulling in local bloggers. But can any of this help AOL dig itself out of the financial hole it’s in?

What the Web Is Saying About AOL’s HuffPo Purchase

AOL dropped a bombshell on the online media world late Sunday night with the news that it is acquiring popular blog network The Huffington Post for $315 million. Here’s a roundup of some of the other commentary on the announcement from the web and from Twitter.

AOL Beats Estimates, but the Ship is Still Taking on Water

AOL managed to beat analysts’ estimates for revenue and earnings for the latest quarter, thanks in part to some asset sales that boosted the bottom line. But the company’s advertising business continues to shrink rapidly, even as it’s spending hundreds of millions on acquisitions.

Tim Armstrong: AOL is Brands & Platforms

AOL is buying three companies — TechCrunch, 5Min, and Brizzly — for a rumored $100 million. AOL is trying to regain its preeminence in tech-land by focusing on building media brands and platforms that help other media, CEO TIm Armstrong tells us.

We Nailed It! AOL Has Bought TechCrunch

AOL said it has purchased the technology blogging site TechCrunch for an undisclosed amount, a story Om broke last night. While we don’t know yet how much AOL paid for the blog network founded by Michael Arrington, we’ll update this story as details emerge.

AOL’s Armstrong: No Ad Demand Problem Here

Despite the negative display revenue and ad revenues AOL (NYSE: AOL) reported this morning, CEO Tim Armstong quickly went to work during the…

AOL and Hyper-Local — Good Luck With That

AOL is reportedly planning to expand its hyper-local journalism project, Patch.com, to hundreds of towns and cities over the next year. But can the Web giant fulfill CEO Tim Armstrong’s new-media vision when so many others have failed so completely in the past?

The Case for an AOL Renaissance

Now that AOL has been spun off from Time-Warner, it can write a new chapter for itself. If AOL does several key things right, it has a chance of being successful again. We look at some opportunities, along with the risks each one entails.