A land grab emerges over the connected thermostat

The connected thermostat is one of the hottest devices out of the Internet of Things that’s using a data connection to get smart software and to enable new types of services. It’s also getting a lot of attention from the latest Valley startups.

Nest thermostat reviewed: A smart device for all seasons

Nest introduced its smart thermostat in October of last year only to find that there was greater initial demand for its product than originally thought. After using a review unit for longer than I should have, I can see why: This good-looking device is super smart.

What big data and smart thermostats can reveal about us

Energy software startup EnergyHub is powering around 100,000 connected thermostats in the U.S. with its management software, and those thernostats are producing around 5 billion data points each month. What kind of trends will that big data reveal about Americans and energy consumption?

Unboxing Nest’s learning thermostat

The hottest item that you probably couldn’t get for Christmas this year was the Nest thermostat, which is sold out until 2012. But I bought one a couple months ago for a Christmas present and the device showed up a couple days before the big day.

Inside Nest’s learning thermostat

I got my Nest learning thermostat in the mail on Wednesday (a couple of weeks early), but thankfully, when I woke up on Thursday morning, the folks at SparkFun did a complete tear-down of the Nest, so I don’t have to break mine up. Yay.