Mobile disruption in the living room in 2014

The shift from fixed to mobile platforms has the potential to disrupt the TV advertising economy by enabling new ways to aggregate, measure and engage with audiences beyond the exclusive control of TV programmers.

Twitter reportedly acquiring Bluefin Labs

Reports came out on Monday that Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs, a company that attempts to measure interaction around television and media on social media and provide feedback to businesses and marketers.

Should Twitter charge users, or pay them — or both?

As Twitter pushes for more control over the platform in order to monetize the content flowing through it, some prominent critics of this move argue the company is making a big mistake by focusing on the needs of advertisers rather than the needs of users.

Why Twitter’s move into TV could be a recipe for disaster

Twitter is reportedly in talks with Hollywood producers and network executives about creating one or more reality-style TV shows that would be integrated into the network — but if it does decide to do this, the company risks alienating its core users and diluting its fundamental value.

Samsung’s saucy Smart TV ad: “Look, don’t touch”

Samsung’s latest ad promoting the gesture controls for its Smart TV line are the perfect combo of hilarity paired with sexiness — and not just of the TV itself! Watch what happens when dozens of men see a pretty girl gesturing at them through a window.

Comcast strikes deal to bring ABC, Disney & ESPN to all screens

Comcast struck a new agreement with Disney that gives it access to a wide range of content from ABC, Disney and ESPN networks across a number of screens and platforms. The 10-year deal also stipulates that the companies will collaborate on developing applications for new devices.

Oh my: Bravo now casting Silicon Valley reality show

Bravo, the cable television network known for such reality shows as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Millionaire Matchmaker, is apparently looking for young professionals to star in an upcoming reality show based on Silicon Valley.

Buckle up: Traditional TV is in for a heck of a ride

A generational shift is unfolding in the way we consume content. It’s a fundamental change in consumer behavior that will impact businesses across all industries. Will the inevitable disruption of internet TV be similar to the downslide of print media?

Lights, camera… Facebook? Netflix CEO joins board

Facebook announced Thursday it has added Reed Hastings, the chairman and CEO of Netflix, to its board of directors. The addition of Hastings to Facebook’s boardroom is the latest signal of the Palo Alto, California-based social networking giant’s growing focus on the entertainment industry.

iOS Versus TV: Social Gaming FTW?

It’s sort of an Apple to oranges type of situation, but a report by analytics firm Flurry nonetheless shows the market potential represented by at least one type of iOS gaming. Social gaming is now arguably as popular as professional football is on any given Sunday.

iPad App Roundup: 6 Television & Movie Apps

If you’re a movie and/or television buff, then the iPad may be your new best friend. We’ve got a round up of six different apps to help you consume your favorite televisions shows and movies, from watching them on the iPad to researching them. Enjoy!