At $599, Cisco’s Umi Telepresence Is a Non-Starter

Cisco rolled out its consumer telepresence offering this morning, unveiled under the Umi brand. The offering, which can be used with existing HDTVs, is available for pre-order today — but the $599 price tag will probably be a little out of reach for Umi’s target market.

Cisco To Take On Skype With Consumer Telepresence

Cisco is looking to make its move into the consumer video chat market, with the introduction of new telepresence products for everyday users. But Cisco may have lost the consumer video chat battle before it’s even begun; worse yet, it could undercut its own enterprise business.

Even Politicians Want to Use Skype

It’s rare to see our political leaders use common sense when making decisions, so when they do, we should celebrate. House Republican leaders led have reportedly sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking her to allow the use of Skype for video conferencing purposes.


After losing a bowling match to a seven-year old, I finally got around to using the WiFi connection in the Wii. No…